Fire Door Control Solutions

 Smoke and Temperature Detectors

Our smoke detector type RM2000 and RM3000 and heat detector WM2000 and WM3000 are tested and approved to control fire doors and fire doors standing in the open position, with high reliability of smoke and temperature rises. The equipment can be connected to the power supply and warning Dictators different signal systems. The range includes ready-to-use system that can handle and are approved for explosive environments.

Smoke detector type RM2000
Heat detector type WM2000




Smoke detector type RM3000 & Heat detector WM3000





Approval Smoke Detector type RM 2000 och RM 3000

Approval Smoke Detector type RM 2000 och RM 3000+ and Signal Control S400





Power pack and Signal system

Acustic and optic signals can be conected to signal system S4000.

Power pack 24V DC





Signal system S4000





Hold-Open Systems for Hazardous Areas

Hold-Open Systems for Hazardous Areas





Electromagnets from IP20 to IP66 and EEx

We offers a wide range of different electromagnets, keep magnets and anchor plates that cover most applications up to 5000N. There are even electromagnets for Explosive environment EEx.

Electromagnet with Swivel Head for Installation on Floor, Wall or Ceilling





Electromagnet for Installing on the Wall





Electromagnet type R with connection Terminal





Electromagnet type RI with connection Contact





Electromagnet type F with connection Terminal





Electromagnet in Plastic Case with Interrupter Key for Surface Mounting





Electromagnet For Flush Mounting





Electromagnet for Floor Mounting





Electromagnet With Feed-Back Contact Models ST/RM





Elektromagnets for hold open system and EEx enligt EN 1155

Electromagnets EX Areas Zon 2 & 22 with connection Terminal





EX Magnets with connection cabel or Terminal Contact





EX Magnet with connection cabel or Contact





Bar Magets with power up to 5000 N

Three Pole Heavy Duty Magnet With Very High Forces, 5000N





Bar Magnet High Holding Force with Small Size





Electromagnets 20×20 mm with Free Leads, without Release Pin





Counter plates

Flexible Counter plate





Counter plate with agular joint





Telescopic Counter plate





Sequence Selectors

Sequence selectors type SR 90





Sequence selectors type SR 200





HLS-Catch Temperature Bolt system

Our HLS-Catch Temperature Bolt are designed to ensure that fire doors really remain closed in case of fire. It is tested and approved according to DIN EN 1634-1: 2000.

HLS-Catch Temperature Bolt





Hand Switch for Hold-Open Systems & brackets for electromagnets

Hand Switch for Hold-Open Systems





Brackets for Electromagnets for Easier Mounting





Brackets for Electromagnets for Easier Mounting