Door Checks & Door Closers

Original Door Checks & Door Closers

Our original door dampers/door closer is well-known on the market and offers a quiet and controlled door closing every time hence the name DICTATOR. The following types are available with forces from 13N, 20N, 50N, 80N and 120N and with three different heights on the hook.

The widest range of Door Checks on the market

Door Check VS 2000, fits heavier door with aesthetic design





Door Check V 1600, with modern design available in stainless steel, painted & others





Door Check R 1400, to be mounted on closing side of the door available in stailess steel





Door Check H 1300, for heavy doors and elevator doors





Door Check Z 1000, universal model fits inner doors





Door Check JUNIOR, with power 13N in stainless for light doors & flaps





Door checks for sliding doors

Door Check Z 1100, fits sliding doors





Door Check V 1600, fits sliding doors with extra brackets





Dorr Check for fire doors V 1600F

Door Checks V 1600F, fits fire doors and is aproved
A lista over aproved fire doors together with V 1600 F.




Mounting brackets for Door Cecks

Mounting brackets Door Checks, for steel doors and glass doors





Door Holders ZE

We have an elegant series of door holders type ZE with heights from 25 mm up to 90 mm. versions in aluminum and stainless steel allows the door holder to be used outdoors and in harsh environments. Even door holders with a locking ball exists in the program.

Door holder ZE





Door holder with ball





Door Brakes TB & adjustable TBR

If you have installed one of the our hydraulic door brakes type TB or TBR you do not need to be concerned of destroying your door or for it to be damaged if it suddenly blows open. We have types with fixed or adjustable brake force for all types of doors.

Door Brake TB, with fixed brake force for nomal doors
Door Brake TBR, adjustable brake force for official buildings




Gate Closers RTS & DIREKT

Our gate closer/door closer type RTS is fully integrated and is a discreet solution for gate and door closing making it hard to sabotage. Gate closer DIREKT are suitable for closing of gates and are available in several different models/colours and also in stainless steel complete with mounting brackets.

Gate closer RTS , fits aluminium, steel and wodden doors





Gate closer DIREKT II, the perfect closer for outdoor gates





Garden Gate Closer GGC





Door Closers with spring

If you need a door closer for installation on the door or for mounting in the door/window frame? Door closers type PICCOLO is a simple door spring. Type D2a and D4 works with a spring arm on the door. For concealed mounting, see type E16/2500 for wooden doors and type E22/2550 for steel doors and large wooden doors. Type WAB is a door closer installed in the floor and is suitable for frequently used heavy doors up to 600 kg.

Door closer D2a och D4,  works with a spring arm on the door





Door closer E16/2500 and och E22/2550, fits steel doors and wodden doors





Door closer PICCOLO, a simple sulutionen available in stainless steel for sauna doors





Door closer WAB 180, a floor door closer for heavy doors up to 600kg





Door closer TJSS T44





Door closer TJSS T6,  with a RedDot Design Award for its design





Door Closers for Sliding Doors DICTAMAT 50

We have a series of models called DICTAMAT 50-series with spring-loaded wheels and built-in cushioning for the closing sliding doors. DICTAMAT 50 KP is designed to be mounted under the rail, DICTAMAT 50 KW for mounting above the track, DICTAMAT 50 BK is a compact unit for double door leaves. If necessary there is also a rail system available.

Solutions for Sliding Doors




Dictator’s Spring Rope Pulley





Puffer for sliding doors





Mecanicle timer, adjustable





Swing Door Hinges HAWGOOD

We have a large assortment of a unique swing door hinges that work both as a hinge and door closers. Revolving doors do not stand and turn but stay in the starting position. The default fully opened function of the door is 90 *. There are models that are made to fit for doors between 19 and 40 mm thick and weights up to 100 kg.

Swing door hinges HAWGOOD, the perfect hinges for shopfitters