Fire Door Operators

Automatic Door Closers for Sliding Fire Doors

Our devices to automatically operate sliding fire doors consists of a family of DICTAMAT 8000-2, 7000-21 and 3700-21 which together with control systems Square 800 or E8 system offers all the possibilities for a secure and controlled function. These systems works with voltage between 24 – 48V DC. DICTAMAT 700 is a powerful system for heavy fire doors and works with three-phase voltage.

Overview Fire Door Operators for Sliding Doors and Hinged Doors
DICTAMAT 8000-2, 7000-21 & 3700-21
DICTAMAT 700 AC, hold open system



Control Systems for Autmatic Door Closers

Control System Square 800
Control System E8




Automatic Door Closers for Hanged Fire Doors

Our automatic door closers DICTAMAT 204B is clear to connect smoke detectors, hand operated, etc. directly to the device. DICTAMAT 204B is electromechanical with a built-in closing spring by “Hold-Open” system.






Semi Automatic Door Closers for Sliding Doors

Our semi-automatic door closer Spring Rope Polley control shutdown via wire-operated devices with or without integrated systems that keep the door open and allow free movement in both directions. By using a radial damper and end position damper closure can be controlled to achieve a secure and smooth motion. DICTAMAT 650 is a compact spring rope system for sliding doors with one or two leaves and works with 24V DC.

Spring Rope Pulley with Safety Clutch and Free Wheel





DICTAMAT 560 & 570
Door Operator DICTAMAT 500 for Hazardous Areas




Extras for Damping of Fire Doors

Overveiw Radial dampers
Radialdämpare av lamelltyp LD





Radial damper RD 240/241





Final Damper for Fire sliding Doors





Safety and Operating Equipment

There are a wide variety of controls, acoustic and optical warning signals to complement the equipment.

Safety and Operating Equipment