Gas Springs

Your Special Gas Spring – Our Standard!

Push and Pull Gas Springs

We manufactures custom and bespoke gas springs for industrial use in our own plant in Berlin. We can supply gas springs in the one-piece version or in a larger series of forces between 5 N and 10 000 N with piston diameters from 3,0 mm up to 30 mm after your wishes and need. There are also a wide variety of non-magnetic stainless steel gas springs. Our range has also lockable gas springs and gas springs with variable speed.

Description of function and type of Gas Springs

Description of the function gas Springs
Working princip for different gas springs
Safety and technicaly precautions



DICTATOR’S Different Type of Gas Springs

Pull Gas Spring type D
Stainless Steel Gas Spring in AISI304 och AISI303
Floating Piston Gas Spring type DT



Push Gas Spring type Z





Locking Gas Spring type FB & StB





Variable speed Gas Spring type SEH





Gas Springs from Stock

Our idea is to tailor each gas spring according to customer requirements. Sometimes, it is urgent and we have opted to pick out a number of oppressive stock gas springs of various sizes that are equipped with a valve. We can then fill the gas spring with the force required by the customer or deliver the gas spring with max fill so that the customer can adapt the power to the proper level by emitting a little gas through the valve. If it is urgent there are some express services available, including overnight service.

DICTATOR Stock Gas Spring D-06-15
DICTATOR Stock Gas Spring D-08-19
DICTATOR Stock Gas Spring D-10-23
DICTATOR Stock Gas Spring D-14-28
DICTATOR Stainless Stock Gas Spring



Options and Accessories Gas Springs

Options possibility means that the gas springs are available with valve, oil chamber, special seals for extreme conditions, the damping in movements or filled with Bio-oil . Different types of fittings are available in a wide range.

Additional options
Gas spring enfittings
Maunting brackets gas spring



Free Application Service Gas Springs

We are happy to help with calculating your gas springs to achieve an optimal solution at the right price. Our specialist help can save you much time and money and does not cost anything extra.

Advice for Calculating & Selecting the Right Gas Spring
Advisory Service Optimum Fixing with Calculation Programmer