Fjäderbuffert som frigör skjutdörrar

Release Buffer

Release Buffer, now with Two Different Spring Forces

In 2009 we have included the release buffer throughout the group in our delivery programme. Dictator Productie had
developed it for a producer of sliding doors who also buys larger quantities.
Here in Neusäß, the first customer we could win was Hillaldam Coburn who sells our products in Great Britain to
customers of Architectural Ironmongery.
The release buffer is an ideal complement to our other products forsliding doors.
By default the release buffer is furnished with an extending force of 85 N. For applications with rough-running
doors, e.g. because they are equipped with a brush seal or something similar, the release buffer now can also be
produced with a force of 130 N.
However, this execution is still much more expensive than the default type. This is because the spring in
the 85 N version is also used for the Junior and therefore larger quantities are bought, while the quantity
of the 130 N spring is still very little at the moment. But this means also that with higher quantities the
price will lower significantly.

Part numbers
Release buffer with metal plate and fixing screw, force approx. 85 N Part no. 500260
Release buffer with metal plate and fixing screw, force approx. 130 N Part no. 500262