Interlock Control System för Dörrslussar

The 3rd Generation of the DICTATOR Interlock Control System – the Adjustment Artist: From the Blindingly Easy Mounting and Adjusting of Simple Interlock Systems to the Installation of Complex Interlock Control Systems with Manifold Special Functions

For many years DICTATOR has been producing an interlock control system which is characterised by its absolutely simple adjusting of the door dependencies: there is no need of any computing and programming skills. With the help of simple DIP switches also complex door functions can easily be “programmed“ on site, and always be adapted to changed conditions. Now the functionality of the third generation of the DICTATOR Interlock Control System has once again been improved significantly and the installation considerably simplified: all components are connected by completely connectorised cables, with only one
exemption: the cable to the locking device has on one end 4 free leads to facilitate the connection of many different locking devices as bar magnets, electric strikes etc. Even the power pack is already wired for
plug‐in: due to a 1.5 m long mains cable with a safety plug (Schuko) and a 2 m long connection cable to the interlock control system there is no need of an electrician for the installation! Most connection cables are flat cables with RJ45 connectors.

In times where the hygiene and clean room requirements increase permanently and also find their way into our personal life, the DICTATOR interlock control system is the ideal solution – also for retrofitting. Simple systems with up to 8 doors can easily – without any electrician – be installed and “programmed”. On the other hand, thanks to its modular structure, the DICTATOR interlock control system easily deals with highly complex requirements. There can be realised time control, pressure control, discretion circuits, the control of door operators, ventilation, and heating as well as linking doors to defined emergency exits, releasing doors via access control systems or the connection to complex facility management systems. And – when grouped accordingly ‐ the number of doors can easily be much higher than the 8 doors of the basic version!
AND – there is also available a DICTATOR interlock control system for potentially explosivelocations! Every of these custom‐made installations is being planned by DICTATOR already for the offer – and DICTATOR also assists in planning the integration of already existing components. DICTATOR interlock control systems can be found in hospitals where interlock systems become more and more important to prevent the
transmission of pathogenic germs between different areas, in pharmacies producing their own drugs, in hygiene areas of food processing factories and of course in clean rooms of the pharmaceutical industry and in factories producing electronic components, in laboratories – in short everywhere where there is required a sterile surrounding.