Ny Fjäderrulle i plast för Hissdörrar!

Spring rope pulley on a Meiller landing sliding door

New Spring Rope Pulley from Plastics

Target Group Lift Construction and Lift Servicing Companies.
The European norm “DIN EN 81-1/2 electrically/hydraulically operated lifts for persons and materia”– Basic safety rules for the construction and installation of electric lifts/hydraulic lifts for persons“ has been existing for years. The point “ Emergency unlocking” of this norm contains a requirement which offers an ideal catch to contact lift firms. Emergency unlocking.
Each of the landing doors shall be capable of being unlocked from the outside with the aid of a key,
which will fit the unlocking triangle as defined in annex B. Keys of this type shall be given only to a responsible person.
They shall be accompanied by a written instruction detailing the essential precautions to be taken in order to avoid
accidents which could result from an unlocking which was not followed by effective relocking. After an emergency
unlocking, the locking device shall not be able to remain in the unlocked position with the landing door closed.
In the case of landing doors driven by the car door, a device (either weight or springs) shall ensure the
automatic closing of the landing door if this door becomes open, for whatever reason, when the car is
outside the unlocking zone.
Therefore, all landing doors driven by the car door have to be equipped with an additional mechanic closing device
(“either weight or springs”). This makes sure a landing door opened manually does not stay open unintentionally.
This requirement can be met by different means: by simple spiral springs or weights and at a higher quality by our
spring rope pulley.
The new spring rope pulley from plastics offers the best reasons to become active again, for its durability has been
considerably increased by the exact guiding of the rope (grooves in the plastic casing), the new steel hub and much more.

The most important arguments for Dictator spring rope pulley are:

– Due to the grooves in the casing the rope is always properly guided, even when it has not absolutely been aligned. It can no longer become reamed.
– The bearing of the spring in the casing has been redesigned. In consequence, the running properties of the spring rope pulley have been considerably
increased. For special demands the spring rope pulley is also available with sliding hub to prevent a possible damaging of the spring whentensioning
or releasing it not properly.
– The spring rope pulleys actively help, due to their plastic casing, to reduce the permanently increasing noise level of the surroundings.
– Because of the new construction the springs have an even longer life than before.