Ny Radialdämpare LD50 med plastkapsling

LD 50 Radial Damper now with Plastic CasingRadialdämpare LD50

By now the tools for the injection mould of the radial damper LD
50 have been finished. So with immediate effect the standard
model of the LD 50 will be delivered with a plastic casing. The
damping characteristics remain, compared with the model with
aluminium casing, nearly the same (see catalogue pages).

Fixing of the LD 50 radial damper with plastic casing
On the upper side of the casing of the LD 50 you can find all in all
6 bore holes (without threads) for the fixing of mounting brackets.
Please use tapping countersink screws 4×12 (we recommend

The LD 50 radial damper is available without any fixing
accessories (part number 244041).
But we recommend ordering a set with 2 mounting brackets (part
number 244040 or 244042). These two brackets can be fixed to
the casing of the LD 50 in many different positions and
combinations and thus offer very high flexibility for the mounting
(see pictures on the right). Included are also 4 Torx countersink
screws 4×12.

This radial damper can be mounted either horizontally or
As additional accessories a mounting plate and a mounting
bracket are available, which can be used together or separately
– according to the circumstances. Their universal design allows for
a huge amount of combinations.

Mounting bracket and mounting plate are available both in zinc
plated and in stainless steel.

Adjustment of the damping
By a screw on the narrow side of the casing the damping force
can be adjusted. The screw is a hexagon screw with slot, so the
adjustment can be effected with a hexagon spanner head 5.5 mm
or a slotted screwdriver, depending on the accessibility and
available tools.

At the moment one of our customers is having performed a test
on his fire protection door on which our LD 50 is mounted. Until
now, there have been no problems.