Säkerhetssensor LZR för industriportar

Safety Sensor LZR for Industrial Doors
According to the directives of the EN 12453 (doors, safety in use of power operated gates) a door/gate has,
depending on the type of operation (dead man, impulse) and its place of operation (private/public area), to be
secured to a differing extent to eliminate the danger of squeezing, shearing, pulling and pushing persons.
This can be realised by using different safety devices. Sometimes even a combination of light barrier and e.g.
contact edge has to be installed, unless it is possible to impede that persons can enter the area of the moving
door/gate (protective device type F) at all.

The company BEA has developed a new sensor that meets in an uncomplicated way the requirements
to a protective device type F. A small unit supervises per laser beams door areas of 5 x 5 m or 10 x 10 m.
The adjusting is done simply by an infrared remote control.
The technical data of the safety sensor LZR can be found on the also included catalogue page.
We have already installed and tested the safety sensor in Neusäß. The easy installation and
adjusting, mentioned as advantages by BEA, are real.