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DICTATOR Website News with new New Brochures. We have introduced the new brochure for Door & Gate Operators.

Since the 1980s DICTATOR provides innovative solutions for the motorization of doors and gates. Our main focus has always been the requirements of our customers. The customer specifies exactly what he needs, which is why we don‘t have a “standard solution”. Our operator systems are largely modular. Thus we can resort to a very wide range of components, such as different motor sizes, gearboxes, drive gears, etc. to create special custom solutions.

This was the first of many new brochures about our products.

Three new brochures:

We have now completed three new brochures: Back Checks, Hold-open Systems and a Company Brochure.

The brochures provide an overview of the use of the product, its main characteristics and advantages, as well as application examples. They are a great advantage as they contain all the important information about a product at a glance.

Have a look at our new brochures here:

DICTATOR Website News - Where can I find the new brochures on the global website?

  1.  The brochures can be found on the website under > Downloads - Brochures or on the overview page of the respective product.
  2.  The Back check brochure can also be found on the right-hand side of the overview page under the video. Important! The link to the installation situations subpage is now also here on the right-hand side.

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