Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+

Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+. Detector RM 3000+ discontinuation from DICTATOR’s program. We sold more smoke detectors RM 3000+ than expected. When the approval Z‐6.5‐1903 expired, we had more than 2,000 of them in stock. This in order to be able to supply replacement smoke detectors for existing systems, at least for a transitional period.

Smoke detector RM 3000+ stock is running out!

But currently our stock is just enough for about 1.5 months.

We would like to point out at this point that we only sell the detectors in single units for replacement in existing systems and no longer carry out stock orders or for new installations.

Components of the “new” hold‐open system

After the smoke detectors RM 3000+ have sold out, existing hold‐open systems must also be completely replaced by the new hold‐open system with the central unit RZ‐24 and the smoke detectors RM 4000.

Only the electromagnets and manual switches can continue to be used from the old systems.

Smoke and heat detectors:

Fire detectors, smoke or heat detectors, immediately report a fire to the central unit RZ-24 and thus ensure that the hold-open system is triggered in time.

In some cases, heat detectors are also used – they register a rapid rise in temperature or recognise a certain threshold temperature which trigger them.

DICTATOR smoke and heat detectors must be replaced after 8 years of operation at the latest in order to ensure the full functionality of the hold-open system. In Germany, the obligation to replace fire detectors in hold-open systems is regulated by the standard DIN 14677

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Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+

Smoke detector RM 4000

Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+

Central RZ-24