HLS Thermal Bolting for Fire Protection Doors – a Product which Becomes More and More Accepted

HLS Thermal Bolting for Fire Protection Doors – a Product
which Becomes More and More Accepted

And additional version with intake guide allows to use it also on
doors which warp more easily


In case of a fire doors are exposed to extreme heat. This can cause them to distort which especially in the case of hinged doors will produce gaps between door and frame. Through these gaps the fire can spread. This means that this fire protection door will not pass the fire test.
For this reason door manufacturers more and more often use the HLS thermal bolting.
The soldered strut surely keeps the locking bolt (marked yellow) in its position inside the casing.

The soldered strut melts only when the surrounding temperature reaches approx. 600 °C
and when the temperature of the HLS thermal bolting reaches about 65 °C.

Now the spring positioned behind the bolt will push it out. It enters the boring in the counter
plate and thus prevents the forming of a gap.











Option: Counter plate with intake guide

Hinged doors react differently in the fire test. Some doors warp relatively fast, even before the locking bolt of the HLS thermal bolting has extended. In these cases it may happen that the bolt cannot any more enter the boring of the counter plate. For such cases we offer the thermal bolting with the part no. 710717. Here the hole in the counter plate is formed like a funnel. Its diameter is larger than that of the standard counter plate and the form automatically guides the bolt into the hole.

However, with this model DICTATOR has not made a fire test (it had been made by the customer himself who had problems with his doors). Therefore for this model we don’t have available a test certificate. This means: in case a customer wants to use this counter plate, he would have to have it approved specially for his doors.
More information can be found in our catalogue and on the web page. And of course we always are glad to help you.