Spring Rope Pulley 160 N with a New Look

Spring Rope Pulley 160 N with a New Look

Beginning with February 2018, the 160 N Spring Rope Pulley, Part No. 070060, Will Have a New Finish. The spring rope pulley is an important component of our range of closing devices for fire sliding doors. It is an absolutely reliable product and therefore will not be modified technically.

The only small modification we make, affects its finish:
Up to now the casing of the spring rope pulley was powder-coated. But since already quite some time e.g. the DICTAMAT 650, the brackets of the radial dampers etc. have been zinc-plated. Now the spring rope pulley changes to this finish. This way all the products will again match very well.
A big advantage is that a zinc-plated finish is much less susceptible to scratches. And this finish also makes Haug much more flexible, as there is no longer the often very long lead time for the powder coating of the casings.

Spring Rope Pulley 160N No.070060


The changeover will take place during February 2018. We will make sure that the delivery of an order will not combine spring rope pulleys with a different finish.