Gas springs & oil dampers will be supplied with painted cylinder

Gas springs & oil dampers will be supplied with painted cylinder from DICTATOR Berlin with start early next year.


 Successful test of the paint finish also in the 240-hour salt spray test

Standard painting

a) Standard paint

It turned out that even the standard coating passes this test very well.

After the first test over 96 hours, we had another test with 240 hours running time.

b) Two component pain

Two component painting

In addition, we had a gas spring with two- component paint tested in parallel.

The paint still looks like new even after 240 hours.



Which products will be supplied with painted cylinder from January?

– Push type gas springs, series 6-15, 10-23, 14-28, 20-40

– Gas springs with floating piston, series 8-19, 10-23, 14-28

– Locking gas springs (cushioned and rigid)

– Pull type gas springs (normal and short), series 10-28

– Variable speed gas springs

– Oil dampers, series 6-19, 8-23, 10-28, 14-40

– Adjustable oil dampers, series 10-28, 14-35 and 25-69


– All gas springs/oil dampers with protective tube. Until further notice, these will be produced in zinc-plated version, as durability tests have yet to be carried out.

– Rush and overnight orders There will be no changeover to painted cylinders here, as the paint takes approx. 2 days to cure completely.

Roadmap for the changeover at the turn of the year

– All standard orders received by DICTATOR Berlin after 4 December 2020 and thus not due for delivery until 2021 are automatically created and delivered in painted finish RAL 9006 satin finish.

– Standard gas springs from stock we are currently checking to see whether the seats of the filling device can be used without any problems for painted standard gas springs from stock at our facility in Neusäß without damaging the paint.

Top: painted gas spring Bottom: zinc-plated gas spring






Our advantages

– Painting creates even more flexibility in production and will thus have a positive effect on delivery times in the medium term.

– We can offer – same as with the back checks – in addition to the standard colour RAL 9006 satin finish certain RAL colours at the same fixed additional cost as the back checks:

RAL colours

  • 7016 Anthracite grey
  • 7040 Window grey
  • 9005 Jet black
  • 9007 Grey aluminium
  • 9016 Traffic white

All colours are always with “satin finish” as standard!

– If required, the gas springs/back checks/oil dampers can also be supplied in other RAL colours, so that they can be even better adapted to their place of use.

– We have an extremely high quality and corrosion resistance of the painted surface – confirmed by multiple salt spray tests.

– We avoid unnecessary transports and thus protect the environment.

– If necessary, we can also supply zinc-plated gas springs/back checks/oil dampers in the future.

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