Homelifts & Lift Equipment

Home Lift DHM 500

Lift DHM 500 is a hydraulic elevator made in accordance with the machinery directive and capable of maximum 500 kg. An economic and flexible solution for commercial and private homes. Speed 0.15 m/s. Cabin size maximum 2.0 m². Lift height maximum 14m.

Home Lift DHM 500
Home Lift DHM







Home Lifts DHE225, DHE300, DHE450 and DHE600

Lift system DHE is a hydraulic elevator certified according to standard EN 81-2. The elevator offers individual customized solutions and is specially designed to be installed in existing buildings when it requires minimal space. Maximum load 600 kg or 8 persons, speed 0.62 m/s, height 20 m, Cabin max 1.60 m².

 Home Lift type DHE 225, 300, 450 & 600
Home Lift DHE







Lift Shaft System

Dictator’s lift shaft system is a modular system of steel profiles that are easy to customize. All components are assembled with bolted joints and the system is designed to fit into existing buildings. No welding is required.

Lift ShaftSystem
Modular Lift Shaft system
DICTATOR Declaration of Conformity Lift Shaft System





Original Door Closers and Door Dampers for lift doors

Dictator’s well-known door damper and door closers, Original Dictators for lift doors are available in a wide range and variety of elevator products and doors. See our summary of the thirty most common types.

Standard Lift Door Closer
DICTATOR’S Standard Lift Door dampers
DICTATOR Overview all Lift Door dampers with measurements






Lift door closers

In the sortiment Dictator has different solutions for elevator doors. From simple closers with spring power to more sofisticate units. You can finde spring rope pullies for sliding doors and hydrulic damper in the program.

Closing Spring
Door closer with spring power







Closing Spring E22
Door closer with spring E22/2550






Door Closer ATS
Door closer ATS







LS Ceita
Door closer LS-Ceita







Phantom PH
Door closer Phantom PH 90







Door closer Kone







Door damper ED STD3
Door damper ED STD 3, fits steel- and Otis doors






Elevator Equipment

Accessories for lift and lift doors are available in the form of door contacts, magnetic contacts, door handles, window lift doors, plastic wheels for sliding doors, etc.

Door Contacts
Door contacts







Door handle & Frames
Door handles & widow frames






Magnetic contacts, Novoperm






Elevator Equipment Sliding Doors

Hydraulic Damper ZDH for sliding doors
Dampers Sliding Door








Door Closer Sliding Door
Door Closer for sliding doors, Standard Haushahn







Spring Rope Pulley
Spring rope pulley for sliding doors







Plastic Wheels
Plastic wheels for sliding doors