Hydraulic Dampers

Final Damper EDH, ZDH & High-Performance EDKa

 Our type EDH and ZDH are hydraulic dampers used to slow the relatively light and medium heavy objects with little movement before reaching its final position. A wide range of both single – and double acting dampers are available.
Our damper type EDKa used to brake heavy objects at high speed at short distances. Used mainly in machine and the engineering industry.

Final Dampers EDH, EDHM, ZDH
Overview and feature hydraulic dampers
Final dampers type EDH, EDHM and ZDH






Final Dampers EDKa
High Prereformance Final dampers type EDKa







Oil Dampers with Fixings on Both Ends OD and ODR

Our oil damper attached in both ends by means of different piston rod mounts and provides constant damping force during the entire stroke. Silencers are available with fixed power and fixed-selectable speed, type OD , or with adjustable damping force and velocity type ODR suitable when you do not know exactly what force is necessary.

Oil Dampers ÖD & ÖDR
Oil Dampers type ÖD and ÖDR







Endfittings to Oil Dampers






Radial Dampers LD 50 & 100, RD 240 & 241

Our radial dampers are adjustable and provide a constant speed for heavy items over long distances. Particularly suitable to control sliding doors. Our new model LD 50 with plastic housing, also available with metal housing, offers great uses and is the new generation of radial dampers.

Radial Dampers type LD
Overview radial dampers
Radial Dampers type LD 50 and LD 100






Radial Dampers type RD
Radial Dampers type RD 240 & 241, basic model with gear wheel







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Free Advice & Calculation
Advice for Calculation Selection of the Appropriate Damper