Interlock System for Clean Room & Laboratories

Interlock System for Cleanroom and Laboratories

Our Interlock Control System is a flexible and modular plug into system to link together up to 8 doors or several groups of doors with a maximum of 8 doors in each group. All necessary settings are done via DIP switch for each control module. The units are interconnected with ready-made cables with RJ45 connectors. The system is flexible and easy to extend if necessary. The system includes a full range of devices like electric locks, hold magnets, power supplies, card reader and displays, sensors, etc.

Peripheral Interlock Control System

Overveiw Interlock Sytems
Dictator’s Peripheral Interlock Control System




Central Interlock System

Dictator’s Central Interlock System





Ex-Proof Interlock Control System

Dictators Ex-Proof Interlock Control System





Addional Interlock Components

Addional Interlock Components





Flush Fitted Switch Box Interlock system

Flush Fitted switch Box Interlock system – Overview





Electromagnets for Doors

We have a wide range of magnets for emergency exits and as an accessory to the Intelock Control System. The magnets are approved in accordance with TÜV certification P-3250/08. All magnets meet the requirements of EN 1154 and are available for 12 or 24 VDC even in EEx performance.

Electro Bar Magnets for doors





Electric Door Locks

Our electrical locking system TVR is the ideal solution for individual doors that are not connected to a central system. System 3 Roureg electric strike is an alternative to the electric rod magnets for locking.

Electric door locks TVR 1 & strike Roureg 3





Access Control and Access Control System

We have a range of products for access control, such as system SU2 and KR1000 for codes or identification cards.

System type SU2 and KR1000,





Power Supply

Our Interlock Control System and electric door locks requires a power supply of different kinds. Devices for 1.1 A, 2.7 A and 5.0 A are available in the program. Also UPS devices are available for both 24 V DC and 230V AC.

Power Packs 1.1 A, 2.7 A och 5.0 A and UPS- units