New CAD configurator for gas springs on the website

New CAD configurator for gas springs on the website. For the gas spring drawings, which could previously be generated via Traceparts, we now work with our new partner CADENAS.
This offers us several advantages, including the fact that the configuration of the 2D/3D drawings is now directly integrated into our website.

You can find the new CAD configurator via the page Gas springs:

Link to CAD configurator:

Our partnership with Traceparts ends – please switch to CADENAS. Traceparts can currently still be used, but the partnership expires this year.

We therefore ask all Traceparts users to create a CADENAS account, familiarise themselves with it and switch to it as soon as possible.

What improves with CADENAS?

  • There are no longer different configurators for the individual series, everything is integrated into one configurator
  • 3D dimensions: the dimensions are now displayed directly in the 3D view (front view)
  • Reduced loading times during configuration
  • Improved PDF data sheet for download
  • The configurator is available in more languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish – Croatian is in progress. If you wish to add additional languages, please contact the Marketing Department.
  • CADENAS’ online CAD database has a much wider reach than Traceparts’. This gives us the chance to be found by more potential customers.

Notes on testing CADENAS

Of course, it is important that everyone who works with gas spring drawings tests the new tool. However, when testing, please note that we have to pay to CADENAS for each download.

Changes in representation and variables: In some details the gas spring configuration differs from the one from Traceparts, e.g. with the variable “piston rod retracted”, because this could not be solved differently from a technical point of view.

We have tried to make the representations and explanations as easily understandable as possible.


For general questions about CADENAS and for questions about the gas spring configuration you can contact: Ahron Sturm-Kimby

>>> You can also contact us here.: