New Door Closing Solutions Catalogue

New Door Closing Solutions Catalogue is now released!

We have summarized all new features and important specifications of the new catalogue in a short video presentation:

New Door Closing Solutions Catalogue

Our New Catalogue

=> Watch the video here:

=> See the new catalogue as digital PDF

New catalog as digital PDF

The new catalog will no longer be printed in a print shop. In order to get acceptable prices from the printers, we have to order very large quantities. This means that we would quickly have a lot of outdated printed catalogs in stock, which would have to be thrown away at some point.

That's why we have decided to provide only digital PDFs as standard. The customer has the advantage that these are always up to date and, at the same time, we also contribute to protecting the environment by avoiding unnecessary paper waste.

The new PDF files of the catalog are uploaded in print quality, so that anyone can print out the pages they need themselves, if necessary. In addition, we are currently working on a printing solution in Neusäß so that we can still print catalogs in the correct format upon request.

Furthermore, we have already created some product brochures and are in the process of creating more. These are easier and more inexpensive to print and can be offered to customers in printed form.

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