New DIREKT installation video published

New DIREKT installation video published

New DIREKT installation video published from DICTATOR. Thanks to our new possibilities for creating videos there is now a new animated installation video for the gate closer DIREKT.New DIREKT installation video published
This provides our customers with additional assistance in assembling the DIREKT and hopefully some common assembly errors can be avoided.

Purpose of the video

The video is intended to illustrate the various assembly steps for the customer. However – as is also pointed out at the beginning of the video – the video is a supplement to, but not a substitute for, the assembly instructions, i.e. it is important that these are additionally considered.

DIREKT models

The video applies to the DIREKT 150 and 200 without ascending hinges.

Alternative method for compressing the DIREKT

Some customers have had difficulties in the past with compressing the DIRECT as described in the assembly instructions.New DIREKT installation video published
The video now shows an alternative method for this in steps 8.1 – 8.8, which does not require a lot of force.
We will see how we can include this method as an alternative in the assembly instructions in the future. However, it will still take some time to adapt the assembly instructions.

Where to find the video

The video is on the product page of the DIREKT gate closer under the tab “Installation”. Versions of the video in Swedish can be found on our international YouTube Channel:


For general questions about the video, feel free to contact us here

The Floor Spring WAB 180 becomes the WAB 180-2

The Floor Spring WAB 180 becomes the WAB 180-2

The Floor Spring WAB 180 becomes the WAB 180-2. New housing enables numerous improvements!

Since the 1950s, the WAB 180 has been produced with a sand cast housing. At the time, this was certainly the ideal solution.

But it no longer corresponds to the current state of the art.

Moreover, we at DICTATOR Berlin now have a machine park that enables us to manufacture the housing completely ourselves.



The housing of the WAB 180-2 is now made of aluminium (EN-AW Al 5083)

This is accompanied by some significant improvements:

– The new housings have a consistent manufacturing quality with very low tolerances, as they are produced entirely on our CNC milling machine. There is also no longer any risk of blow holes.

– Sealing between the two halves of the housing was difficult with the previous sand cast housings because the groove for the sealing cord was not always evenly worked out. With the new housing, the seal seat is always the same. Therefore, it is possible to work with a sealing ring. With the sealing cord, minimal gaps could occur where the two ends met if the gluing point was not done correctly. This gluing point is now omitted and thus a permanently secure sealing of the housing is achieved.


– A two-stage sealing system is now used to seal the axle where it exits the housing: a shaft seal ring in the housing and an additional axial seal on the shaft. The axial seal protects the actual seal, the shaft seal ring, especially when sharp cleaning agents or similar are used.


Old model…………… New: Lager undercut around the screw head – Plastic plug in the cover plate

– A new, improved seal is used for the oil filler and adjusting screw. In addition, a larger clearance has been created around the screw heads so that any dirt can be easily removed before opening the screws. Furthermore, the hole in the cover plate above the adjusting screw is additionally closed by a plastic plug to protect the screw from dirt.


– Much easier installation of the floor spring in the embedding box

Previously, two brackets were welded to the top of the embedding box, to which the floor spring was screwed.

In the new embedding box, there are two weld-on bolts on the bottom of the box to which the WAB is screwed. So, that it is no longer necessary to pay attention to the two brackets when inserting the closer into the embedding box. This also automatically positions the floor spring correctly in the box.

– The casing is marked with the DICTATOR logo, so that the manufacturer is always obvious at first glance, even without a label.

– All WAB 180-2 are now generally supplied with the axle bearing for up to 600 kg. This has primarily to do with a simplification of stock-keeping.

What does the changeover mean for you and for the customer?

The change to the new version is not without a small “but”. For technical reasons, the dimensions of the WAB 180-2 differ slightly from those of the previous WAB 180. The outer dimensions are identical, but the position of the axle is slightly offset, so that WAB 180 already installed can no longer be simply exchanged without also removing the embedding box. The WAB 180-2 is also 1.5 mm higher than the WAB 180.

Even if our floor springs WAB 180 have a very long service life, they still have to be replaced at some point. In order not to make the replacement unnecessarily complicated, we offer a slightly modified housing for these cases, which can be installed in the old existing embedding boxes.

Why don’t we use this housing in general then? The production of the “replacement housing” is considerably more expensive, as some additional milling steps are needed. This would unnecessarily increase the price of all closers. Therefore, we have decided on this solution with an additional exchange variant.



Embedding box: As already written, the embedding box of the WAB 180-2 differs from the one of the WAB 180.

Cover plates: The cover plates also differ from the previous cover plates with regard to the mounting holes and the recess for the axle. They are also supplied for the new WAB 180-2 with a “-2” after the article number.

Note on the WAB 180-2A for replacing the old WAB 180: The old cover plates will continue to be supplied for it. In the future, we will only supply the cover plates in stainless steel or brass, as the aluminium version was almost never sold.

Fittings: all levers and hinges can be used for both the old and the new version


– Some WAB 180-2 DIN left have already been delivered, as there were no more housings available for them.
– For all new orders, the new version will be delivered with immediate effect.

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New CAD configurator for gas springs on the website

New CAD configurator for gas springs on the website

New CAD configurator for gas springs on the website. For the gas spring drawings, which could previously be generated via Traceparts, we now work with our new partner CADENAS.
This offers us several advantages, including the fact that the configuration of the 2D/3D drawings is now directly integrated into our website.

You can find the new CAD configurator via the page Gas springs:

Link to CAD configurator:

Our partnership with Traceparts ends – please switch to CADENAS. Traceparts can currently still be used, but the partnership expires this year.

We therefore ask all Traceparts users to create a CADENAS account, familiarise themselves with it and switch to it as soon as possible.

What improves with CADENAS?

  • There are no longer different configurators for the individual series, everything is integrated into one configurator
  • 3D dimensions: the dimensions are now displayed directly in the 3D view (front view)
  • Reduced loading times during configuration
  • Improved PDF data sheet for download
  • The configurator is available in more languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish – Croatian is in progress. If you wish to add additional languages, please contact the Marketing Department.
  • CADENAS’ online CAD database has a much wider reach than Traceparts’. This gives us the chance to be found by more potential customers.

Notes on testing CADENAS

Of course, it is important that everyone who works with gas spring drawings tests the new tool. However, when testing, please note that we have to pay to CADENAS for each download.

Changes in representation and variables: In some details the gas spring configuration differs from the one from Traceparts, e.g. with the variable “piston rod retracted”, because this could not be solved differently from a technical point of view.

We have tried to make the representations and explanations as easily understandable as possible.


For general questions about CADENAS and for questions about the gas spring configuration you can contact: Ahron Sturm-Kimby

>>> You can also contact us here.:

DICTATOR Website News

DICTATOR Website News

DICTATOR Website News with new New Brochures. We have introduced the new brochure for Door & Gate Operators.

Since the 1980s DICTATOR provides innovative solutions for the motorization of doors and gates. Our main focus has always been the requirements of our customers. The customer specifies exactly what he needs, which is why we don‘t have a “standard solution”. Our operator systems are largely modular. Thus we can resort to a very wide range of components, such as different motor sizes, gearboxes, drive gears, etc. to create special custom solutions.

This was the first of many new brochures about our products.

Three new brochures:

We have now completed three new brochures: Back Checks, Hold-open Systems and a Company Brochure.

The brochures provide an overview of the use of the product, its main characteristics and advantages, as well as application examples. They are a great advantage as they contain all the important information about a product at a glance.

Have a look at our new brochures here:

DICTATOR Website News - Where can I find the new brochures on the global website?

  1.  The brochures can be found on the website under Downloads > Brochures or on the overview page of the respective product.
  2.  The Back check brochure can also be found on the right-hand side of the overview page under the video. Important! The link to the installation situations subpage is now also here on the right-hand side.

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DICTATOR RM 2000 Smoke Detector no Longer Available

DICTATOR RM 2000 Smoke Detector no Longer AvailableDICTATOR RM 2000 Smoke Detector no Longer Available

New options for hold-open systems with RM 2000 smoke detectors

DICTATOR RM 2000 Smoke Detector no longer available on market.

Before the deadline of 15 July 2019, we had Novotron to produce as many RM 2000 as the production department was able to.

Since a large number of detectors have been installed over the many years that the RM 2000 has been sold, the need for a replacement has meant that our stocks are now exhausted.

So now we have to say goodbye to the RM 2000 for good.

For new hold-open systems, we have already been selling the RZ-24 with RM 4000 smoke detectors very successfully since July 2019.

If a customer has an existing hold-open system from DICTATOR in which there are still installed the RM 2000 and one or more now need to be replaced, there are two options:(

Option 1: Replacing the RM 2000 by a RM 3000+

Our approvals Z-6.5-1903 and Z-6.5-1707 of the RM 2000 also include the RM 3000+ (this does not apply to the even older approval no. Z-6.5-1335).

Nevertheless, for every hold-open system it must be checked again whether the replacement of the RM 2000 with an RM 3000+ still fulfils the corresponding regulations in the respective country.

Significant changes:

    • The manual release button must be placed in the supply line of the smoke detectors, as the RM 3000+ does not reset automatically.
    • Possible changes to the wiring or the use of existing cables on site must be checked on the basis of the situation on site.

The RM 3000+ can be integrated into the existing detection loop.

Please refer to our connection diagram. You can find it under the following link:   (Handauslösetaster = manual release button, Haftmagnet = electromagnet)

Option 2: Installation of a completely new hold-open system RZ-24 with RM 4000 in accordance with the current regulations

  • When the hold-open system is replaced with the currently approved hold-open system RZ-24, all smoke detectors must be replaced.
  • The existing power supply unit is omitted and replaced by the RZ-24 control unit.
  • Please refer to the current general type approval to determine whether the existing hold-open device (usually a magnet) can continue to be used.
  • If the hold-open device can still be used: it is now connected directly to the control unit.
  • Possible changes to the wiring or the use of the existing cables on site must be checked on the basis of the situation on site

>>>If you have any questions, our technicals we will be happy to help

Gas springs & oil dampers will be supplied with painted cylinder  

Gas springs & oil dampers will be supplied with painted cylinder

Gas springs & oil dampers will be supplied with painted cylinder from DICTATOR Berlin with start early next year.


 Successful test of the paint finish also in the 240-hour salt spray test

Standard painting

a) Standard paint

It turned out that even the standard coating passes this test very well.

After the first test over 96 hours, we had another test with 240 hours running time.

b) Two component pain

Two component painting

In addition, we had a gas spring with two- component paint tested in parallel.

The paint still looks like new even after 240 hours.



Which products will be supplied with painted cylinder from January?

– Push type gas springs, series 6-15, 10-23, 14-28, 20-40

– Gas springs with floating piston, series 8-19, 10-23, 14-28

– Locking gas springs (cushioned and rigid)

– Pull type gas springs (normal and short), series 10-28

– Variable speed gas springs

– Oil dampers, series 6-19, 8-23, 10-28, 14-40

– Adjustable oil dampers, series 10-28, 14-35 and 25-69


– All gas springs/oil dampers with protective tube. Until further notice, these will be produced in zinc-plated version, as durability tests have yet to be carried out.

– Rush and overnight orders There will be no changeover to painted cylinders here, as the paint takes approx. 2 days to cure completely.

Roadmap for the changeover at the turn of the year

– All standard orders received by DICTATOR Berlin after 4 December 2020 and thus not due for delivery until 2021 are automatically created and delivered in painted finish RAL 9006 satin finish.

– Standard gas springs from stock we are currently checking to see whether the seats of the filling device can be used without any problems for painted standard gas springs from stock at our facility in Neusäß without damaging the paint.

Top: painted gas spring Bottom: zinc-plated gas spring






Our advantages

– Painting creates even more flexibility in production and will thus have a positive effect on delivery times in the medium term.

– We can offer – same as with the back checks – in addition to the standard colour RAL 9006 satin finish certain RAL colours at the same fixed additional cost as the back checks:

RAL colours

  • 7016 Anthracite grey
  • 7040 Window grey
  • 9005 Jet black
  • 9007 Grey aluminium
  • 9016 Traffic white

All colours are always with “satin finish” as standard!

– If required, the gas springs/back checks/oil dampers can also be supplied in other RAL colours, so that they can be even better adapted to their place of use.

– We have an extremely high quality and corrosion resistance of the painted surface – confirmed by multiple salt spray tests.

– We avoid unnecessary transports and thus protect the environment.

– If necessary, we can also supply zinc-plated gas springs/back checks/oil dampers in the future.

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Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing

Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing

Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing is a new possibility by means of double-sided adhesive tape. The idea of offering a standard fastening with adhesive tape for the V 1600 door damper was the result of two processes:
A customer of DICTATOR Productie has for quite some time successfully been selling our ZE door holders with double-sided adhesive tape for mounting on plastic doors.
The company Bach/Wien had already fixed a V 1600 door damper in 2017 with adhesive tape to a wooden door – and it still holds and works.

Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing

V 1600 fastened on a glass door with double-sided adhesive tape

Endurance test:

At DICTATOR Productie, Holland we have made extensive tests on the durability of the new Mounting kit for all-glass doors for gluing kit.

A door damper  V 1600 with 115 N was used:

100,000 actuations at a time, followed by at least 24 hours rest in the closed position. Tto check whether the small adhesive surface
of the hook can withstand the continuous tensile load in this position, then the next 100,000 strokes, etc.

The door check completed 500,000 strokes without any problem, whereupon the test was completed as successfully passed.

There will be available two mounting kits, one for the door damper and one for the hook.

Components included / Part numbers:

Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing

V 1600 with cover plate on back side

Mounting kit V 1600 door damper part no. 205375:
1 mounting plate with 4 threaded holes M4, 1 cover plate, each with 3M adhesive tape

Mounting kit for hook 1009, 1011 or 1013 part no. 205376:
1 mounting plate with 4 threaded holes M5, 1 cover plate, each with 3M adhesive tape

The cover plate is for purely aesthetic reasons: without it you would see the adhesive tape on the door through the glass pane, which simply does not look good.
All plates are made of AISI 304. The adhesive tape is already glued on to make the installation as easy as possible.

>>> See the product manual here:

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The Black line from DICTATOR is extended

The Black line from DICTATOR is extended

The Black line from DICTATOR is extended. Also the swing door hinges Hawgood 4500 E and D are now produced with black plastic shoe

The Blackline from DICTATOR is extended

Hawgood 4500 E with black plastic shoe

Up to now only the swing door hinge 4000 for doors with a maximum thickness of 19 mm has been available with a black plastic shoe.
After the question of a “black line” version of the swing door hinges for door thicknesses up to 25 mm came especially from customers who are active in shop fitting, we will now also include the Hawgood 4500 with black plastic shoe in our range.
The two additional versions have already been added to the catalogue and website.

Part numbers:
Swing door hinge HAWGOOD type 4500 E, zinc-plated plate, shoe of plastic, black, with hold-open, part no. 301422.

Swing door hinge HAWGOOD type 4500 D, zinc-plated plate, shoe of plastic, black, with hold open, part no. 301423.


The Blackline from DICTATOR is extended

Hawgood 4500 D with black plastic shoe

The prices are the same as with the swing door hinges 4000 E and 4000 D
with black plastic shoe (301420 and 301421)

Delivery time:

The first swing door hinges 4500 with black plastic shoe will probably be available at the end of June.

>>>See the hole DICTATOR Black line series here.

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DICTATOR Door damper V 1600 approved on Fire Protection Doors

DICTATOR Door damper V 1600 approved on Fire Protection Doors V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

DICTATOR Door damper V 1600 approved on Fire and Smoke Protection Doors. Finally, we got our abZ for the V 1600 for fire and/or smoke protection doors! General building approval (Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) abZ Z-6.100-2502

On our website, under the download tab of the V 1600/V 1600F, you can now find an updated PDF with all installation

information and the complete information and therefore, no relevant documents can be forgotten.

  • Manufacturer approvals
  • Installation instruction
  • AbP and abZ

Keeping both the old AbP and the new abZ:

Until further notice, we are keeping both the old AbP and the new abZ in this document. As long as we still have to provide the V 1600 F with the old Ü mark, this parallel mention will be made.

As soon as we have received the new Ü mark from the MPA NRW and are allowed to mark the door dampers with it, only the abZ will be published. We hope to be able to inform you about this shortly.

Installation Instructions:

Since the V 1600 with 50 N adjustable spring is now an integral part of our new approval, we also had to make some minor

adjustments to the installation instructions. These can also be found in the PDF document Installation Instructions.

As with the AbP in the past, it is also necessary with the abZ that a door damper is included in the V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors door’s proof of suitability for use, e.g. documentation for DIBt approval or CE documentation according to EN 16034, or that a manufacturer’s declaration is available.

If this is not available, approval must be obtained from the building authorities in individual cases, which is often seen as more problematic than it actually is.

We are currently working hard on all manufacturer contacts with regard to the new abZ, in the hope of having more door models released and above all the V 1600 with adjustable 50 N spring documented.

We also use these contacts to get our door dampers into the documentations of “European doors” according to EN 16034. A national abZ may no longer be used for these doors and they are no longer marketed with a DIBt approval and the Ü mark but with a declaration of performance and CE mark.

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General Type Approval new DICTATOR Hold-Open System

General Type Approval New DICTATOR Hold‐Open System

General type approval new DICTATOR Hold-open system, Formerly “General Building Inspectorate Approval No. Z‐6.500‐2443

Our hold‐open system with the RZ‐24 central and the fire detectors RM/WM 4000 is now officially approved in Germany.

After nearly one year of waiting we have finally received the long‐awaited General Type Approval for our new hold‐open system.General Type Approval new DICTATOR Hold-Open System
The General Type Approval replaces the previously customary Approval by the
Building Authorities. The change of term is due to European rules.

In addition to the DICTATOR fire detectors and hold-open devices, the type approval also includes for fire detectors and hold‐open devices many products of other manufacturers (e.g. Hekatron, Esser, Detectomat, Geze, Siemens, Minimax, Kendrion, Assa Abloy etc.).

This extends the range of application of our hold‐open system, makes it even more flexible.

In the type approval you will find the regulations regarding installation, approval and maintenance of hold‐open systems valid for Germany.

During this year’s representatives‘ meeting many of you already had the opportunity to get to know the relevant regulations at European level, nearly the same as the German regulations, on the construction of a hold‐open system and to carry out the wiring of a complete system, including the approval.

You can download the complete type approval from the DICTATOR website:
>>>DICTATOR Cental unit RZ24

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