Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing

Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing

New mounting possibility by means of double-sided adhesive tape The idea of offering a standard fastening with adhesive tape for the V 1600 door damper was the result of two processes:
A customer of DICTATOR Productie has for quite some time successfully been selling our ZE door holders with double-sided adhesive tape for mounting on plastic doors.
The company Bach/Wien had already fixed a V 1600 door damper in 2017 with adhesive tape to a wooden door – and it still holds and works.

Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing

Endurance test:

At DICTATOR Productie, Holland we have made extensive tests on the durability of the new Mounting kit for all-glass doors for gluing kit.

A dorrdamper  V 1600 with 115 N was used:

100,000 actuations at a time, followed by at least 24 hours rest in the closed position. Tto check whether the small adhesive surface
of the hook can withstand the continuous tensile load in this position, then the next 100,000 strokes, etc.

The door check completed 500,000 strokes without any problem, whereupon the test was completed as successfully passed.

There will be available two mounting kits, one for the door damper and one for the hook.

Components included / Part numbers:

Mounting kit V 1600 door damper part no. 205375:Mounting kit for all-glass doors gluing
1 mounting plate with 4 threaded holes M4, 1 cover plate, each with 3M adhesive tape

Mounting kit for hook 1009, 1011 or 1013 part no. 205376:
1 mounting plate with 4 threaded holes M5, 1 cover plate, each with 3M adhesive tape

The cover plate is for purely aesthetic reasons: without it you would see the adhesive tape on the door through the glass pane, which simply does not look good.
All plates are made of AISI 304. The adhesive tape is already glued on to make the installation as easy as possible.

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The Blackline from DICTATOR is extended

The Blackline from DICTATOR is extended

Also the swing door hinges Hawgood 4500 E and D are now produced with black plastic shoe

The Blackline from DICTATOR is extended

Hawgood 4500 E with black plastic shoe

Up to now only the swing door hinge 4000 for doors with a maximum thickness of 19 mm has been available with a black plastic shoe.
After the question of a “blackline” version of the swing door hinges for door thicknesses up to 25 mm came especially from customers who are active in shop fitting, we will now also include the Hawgood 4500 with black plastic shoe in our range.
The two additional versions have already been added to the catalogue and website.


Part numbers:
Swing door hinge HAWGOOD type 4500 E, zinc-plated plate, shoe of plastic, black, with hold-open, part no. 301422.

The Blackline from DICTATOR is extended

Hawgood 4500 D with black plastic shoe

Swing door hinge HAWGOOD type 4500 D, zinc-plated plate, shoe of plastic, black, with hold open, part no. 301423.


The prices are the same as with the swing door hinges 4000 E and 4000 D
with black plastic shoe (301420 and 301421)


Delivery time
The first swing door hinges 4500 with black plastic shoe will probably be available at the end of June.

See the hoole DICTATOR Blackline serie here.

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V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

General building approval (Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) abZ Z-6.100-2502

V 1600 on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors. Finally, we got our abZ for the V 1600 for fire and/or smoke protection doors!

On our website, under the download tab of the V 1600/V 1600F, you can now find an updated PDF with all installation

information and the complete information and therefore, no relevant documents can be forgotten.

  • Manufacturer approvals
  • Installation instruction
  • AbP and abZ

Until further notice, we are keeping both the old AbP and the new abZ in this document. As long as we still have to provide the V 1600 F with the old Ü mark, this parallel mention will be made. As soon as we have received the new Ü mark from the MPA NRW and are allowed to mark the door dampers with it, only the abZ will be published. We hope to be able to inform you about this shortly.

Since the V 1600 with 50 N adjustable spring is now an integral part of our new approval, we also had to make some minorV 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

adjustments to the installation instructions. These can also be found in the PDF document Installation Instructions.

As with the AbP in the past, it is also necessary with the abZ that a door damper is included in the door’s proof of suitability for use, e.g. documentation for DIBt approval or CE documentation according to EN 16034, or that a manufacturer’s declaration is available.

If this is not available, approval must be obtained from the building authorities in individual cases, which is often seen as more problematic than it actually is.

We are currently working hard on all manufacturer contacts with regard to the new abZ, in the hope of having more door models released and above all the V 1600 with adjustable 50 N spring documented.

We also use these contacts to get our door dampers into the documentations of “European doors” according to EN 16034. A national abZ may no longer be used for these doors and they are no longer marketed with a DIBt approval and the Ü mark,V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

but with a declaration of performance and the CE mark.

General Type Approval for the New DICTATOR Hold‐Open System No. Z‐6.500‐ 2443

General Type Approval (formerly “General Building Inspectorate
Approval”) for the New DICTATOR Hold‐Open System No. Z‐6.500‐2443

Our hold‐open system with the RZ‐24 central and the fire detectors RM/WM 4000 is now officially approved in

After nearly one year of waiting we have finally received the long‐awaited General Type Approval for our new hold‐open system.
The General Type Approval replaces the previously customary Approval by the
Building Authorities. The change of term is due to European rules.

In addition to the DICTATOR fire detectors and holdopen devices, the type approval also includes for fire detectors and hold‐open devices many products of other manufacturers (e.g. Hekatron, Esser, Detectomat, Geze, Siemens, Minimax, Kendrion, Assa Abloy etc.). This extends the range of application of our hold‐open system, makes it even more flexible.

In the type approval you will find the regulations regarding installation, approval and maintenance of hold‐open systems valid for Germany. During this year’s representatives‘ meeting many of you already had the opportunity to get to know the relevant regulations at European level (nearly the same as the German regulations) on the construction of a hold‐open system and to carry out the wiring of a complete system, including the approval.

You can download the complete type approval from the DICTATOR website:‐rz‐24/


Trade fair – Fastighetsmässan 2019

Fastighetsmässan 2019

04/09/2019 - 05/09/2019

For the past 10 years, the Gothenburg Real State / Facility Management Fair has been one of the most important meeting points in Scandinavia for people working in the field of real state, including jobs in areas such as operation, management, maintenance, energy and security.

DICTATOR Scandinavia will be there for the second time in 2019 and we will be presenting a variety of solutions for doors and gates. The focus will be, among others, on these products:

We look forward to your visit at stand K01!

Trade Fair Euro Expo 2019

Euro Expo 2019

Trade fair for manufacturers

10-11 April 2019 / Racketstadion Norrköping

Since 1997, decision makers and professionals from the industrial sector in the areas of electricity, production, maintenance, design, purchasing and safety come together every two years to exhibit and present their products and services. The trade fair takes place at different locations throughout Sweden at a regional level in order for companies to build business relations with other companies nearby.

Dictator Scandinavia will make its debut at the Euro Expo Industry Trade Fair by presenting our products with a focus on gas springs, hydraulic dampers and interlock control systems.

We’ll be glad to welcome you at our new stand!

New door automation for sliding doors

New Door Automation for Sliding Doors

OpenDo - an operator for small sliding doors

For some years, Dictator Productie has already sold an operator for small sliding door, DICTAMAT OpenDo. Their experience with the product has been very positive, as it is easy to assemble and works in a reliable way.


  • Single or double sliding doors that run on the wall and not in the wall.
  • Door types: wooden, steal and glass doors (for glass doors a special fitting is necessary).
  • Door width: single doors max. 1100 mm, 1600 mm on request. Double doors max. 1058 mm per door leaf.
  • Door thickness: wood: 20-50 mm glass: 10 mm (on request 12 mm).
  • Door weight: max. 80 kg, for double doors max. 40 kg per door leaf.

Dictator Productie has tested the DICTAMAT OpenDo in a field test with more than 400.000 cycles.
OpenDo is most suitable for offices, nursing homes, apartments for the disabled, etc.

New Door automation for sliding doors

DICTATOR Clean Room Systems Growing in the Scandinavian Market!

With updated / new products making even more solutions possible

In Brief:

DICTATOR Interlock control systems are being used in many different types of industries throughout Scandinavia, everywhere from security to the laboratory and clean room environments, as our control systems are easy to install and use.

Installation and programing are done onsite with most of connections being Ethernet RJ45 cables. Programing is made simple by dip switches directly on the control terminals.

Customer projects:

Cenova i Mjölby, who specialise in packing for the hospital sector, uses interlock systems between their corridors, changing rooms and clean rooms.

Other projects include interlocks in Oslo hospitals, machine rooms in Denmark, chemical manufactures and lab rooms and biological companies in Sweden.

Additional components:

Along with the interlock system, DICTATOR also provides door locking devices and magnets. Door opening and closing systems can also be incorporated into the system.

Two clean room doors with control terminals

Installation shows control terminal, handle with built-in magnet and overhead door closer

Product solutions to control doors

Back checks prevent doors being thrown open

External, outward-opening doors are often vulnerable to being thrown open by strong winds. The larger the door, the more effect the wind will have upon it, the faster the door will accelerate and the more energy it will carry.

A heavy door traveling at speed can cause severe damage to the door closer mechanism, the door frame and surrounding structure as well as the door itself. There is also the risk of personal injury if someone is struck by the door.

The following examples illustrate how the risk of personal injury and structural damage can be avoided by installing DICTATOR Back checks.

Back checks reduce the health and safety risks of large industrial doors

Grifols, a pharmaceutical and chemical company based in Spain, has recently expanded its head office. One of the new buildings features external, outward opening doors. These doors were being caught and thrown open by strong gusts of wind, causing a potential hazard to people passing by.

Basing their calculations on the size and weight of the doors, DICTATOR engineers were able to offer the best Back Check and mounting positions to ensure optimal control. The doors fitted with Dictator back checks now open in a slow and controlled manner.

Back check protects sophisticated architecture from damage

The Kranhaus Nord (Crane House North) is one of a trio of modern landmark buildings designed to mimic harbour cranes in the old port of Cologne, Germany. The buildings feature a mix of residential and commercial accommodation.

The entrance door to one high-end shop was regularly being thrown open by strong gusts of wind. With the door weighing 140 kg, the inevitable result was repeated damage to the overhead door closer and the door.

DICTATOR were consulted for a possible solution. The outcome was a back check installation that works in conjunction with the existing overhead door closer to provide optimum operation and control.

Black Line – New Products in Black

Black Line - New Products in Black

Vintage, retro, antique - black design for door hardware and door closers? In many European contries, products like these are already in trend.

Many DICTATOR door closer products are also available in classy black design. Whether you want to follow the trend or you just want to equip your door with reliable door closers, door checks, etc.: DICTATOR is always the right partner for you.

You would like individual advice? We would be happy to assist you in choosing the right product and to elaborate together with you an individual solution. This free-of-charge service is included.

ZE Door holders

With the ZE door holders you can set doors in any position. The casing made in one piece is extremely solid and elegant.
ZE door holders have been completed by the new Design Line, which offers strokes of up to 160 mm, the total height being very short.

Advantages of door holders: 

  • Large range of course lengths: 25, 60, 75, 80, 90, 105, 120, 160 mm
  • Very small total height of the Design Line
  • Completely in rust-free material, therefore ideal for outdoor applications
  • Easy to handle
  • Very robust, resistant and vandal-proof

HAWGOOD Swing Door Hinges

It is difficult to imagine the modern shop construction without the DICTATOR swing door hinges. They are also well-established in steel and plant construction and in vehicle construction (refrigerated trucks). The plastic version is as sturdy as the one in brass or stainless steel. However, there is a big advantage: it is much more affordable. In the context of the Black Line, it is also available with black plastic shoe.

The advantages of swing door hinges: 

  • Appropriate for doors up to 100 kg and door leaves with a thickness of 19 to 40 mm
  • The door stops after only a few movements and therefore causes only little noise
  • Maximum opening due to the little distance between door and frame
  • Opening angle of the door of up to 100°
  • Hold-open at 90° possible in both directions
  • Automatically correct positioning of the closed door leaf