News for “Fire door control solutions“

News for “Fire door control solutions“News for “Fire door control solutions“

New Fire door control solutions catalog

News for “Fire door control solutions“ – We present a new part of our new interactive catalog in a revised layout. It
contains all the features of the previous two published parts:

  • The catalog is only available in digital form – so you can always find
    the latest version on the DICTATOR website and print out the pages
    you need yourself if required
  • Direct links to the DICTATOR website and to other useful
    information, such as installation instructions, are easily accessible by
    mouse click or by QR code in the print version

> Take a look at the new catalogue here:

News for “Fire door control solutions“

New brochure: Guidebook for hold-open systems

The new catalog no longer contains information on standards and regulations – we
have now compiled this information in a new brochure, the “Guidebook to hold-open systems”. It can also be found on the website under Downloads > Brochures.

> Take a look at the guidebook for hold-open systems here:



Hold-open systems overview on the website

We have put together an overview page of our hold-open systems, which includes the various
components, application examples and links to other useful information, such as the catalogue, brochure,
guidebook and the new questionnaire.

> Click here to go to the hold-open systems page:

News for “Fire door control solutions“New questionnaire for hold-open systems

In order to make the selection of components and the planning of the hold-open
system easier for both our customers and our technical team, we have created a
new questionnaire for hold-open systems.

You can find the questionnaire on our website under Downloads > Questionnaires,
on the landing page for hold-open systems or on the overview page for Fire door
control solutions.

> To the questionnaire:

> Contact us for further information:

DICTATOR Production has moved

DICTATOR Production has moved to new building in Emmeloord, Netherlands.

DICTATOR Production has moved to a new building

The new DICTATOR building in Emeeloord, Netherlands

DICTATOR Production has moved to  new building in Emmeloord, Netherlands. In December 2020, the construction of the new premises started and about a year later, it was completed and we could move to the considerably larger and more luxurious building.

And that was really necessary! The previous building on the Energieweg dates from 1965 and, despite many expansions and modernization, we had really ‘outgrown’ it, partly due to the growth of the machinery.

The new premises are prepared for the future because they are built on a plot of almost 13,000 m2. This leaves room to expand the already large building even further.

Sustainability has also been considered. The building meets the latest sustainability standards, thanks to a geothermal heat pump with wells at a depth of 120 meters, an air treatment system and a load of solar panels – no less than 642.

We’re not doing too badly ourselves either: the office area of a total of 1,000 m2 has spacious, modern offices, rooms for product training and a showroom. In addition, the factory consists of two large halls of almost 3500 m2.

Curious to see pictures of the construction process of the building? Then click on this link to go to our special ‘New building’-page, where you can see the progress made each week.

>>> Contact us for further information

The new address:

DICTATOR Productie B.V.
Florijn 13
8305 BR Emmeloord
The Netherlands

Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+

Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+

Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+. Detector RM 3000+ discontinuation from DICTATOR’s program. We sold more smoke detectors RM 3000+ than expected. When the approval Z‐6.5‐1903 expired, we had more than 2,000 of them in stock. This in order to be able to supply replacement smoke detectors for existing systems, at least for a transitional period.

Smoke detector RM 3000+ stock is running out!

But currently our stock is just enough for about 1.5 months.

We would like to point out at this point that we only sell the detectors in single units for replacement in existing systems and no longer carry out stock orders or for new installations.

Components of the “new” hold‐open system

After the smoke detectors RM 3000+ have sold out, existing hold‐open systems must also be completely replaced by the new hold‐open system with the central unit RZ‐24 and the smoke detectors RM 4000.

Only the electromagnets and manual switches can continue to be used from the old systems.

Smoke and heat detectors:

Fire detectors, smoke or heat detectors, immediately report a fire to the central unit RZ-24 and thus ensure that the hold-open system is triggered in time.

In some cases, heat detectors are also used – they register a rapid rise in temperature or recognise a certain threshold temperature which trigger them.

DICTATOR smoke and heat detectors must be replaced after 8 years of operation at the latest in order to ensure the full functionality of the hold-open system. In Germany, the obligation to replace fire detectors in hold-open systems is regulated by the standard DIN 14677

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Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+

Smoke detector RM 4000

Discontinuation of smoke detector RM 3000+

Central RZ-24

Discontinuation of door sequence selector SR 2000 E

Discontinuation of door sequence selector SR 2000 E

Discontinuation of door sequence selector SR 2000 E – Magnet for electromagnetic hold‐open no longer available

Discontinuation of door sequence selector SR 2000 E

Sequence selector SR 2000 E

For double‐leaf fire doors, in addition to the “simple” SR 90 with arm, we also supply the SR 2000. Here, only the housing is visible when the door is closed, and no arm, and no stop brackets are required on the door as with the SR 90. Therefore, the SR 2000 is the ideal solution for doors with higher aesthetic standards.

Up to now, the SR 2000 was available with and without hold‐open. In the version with hold‐open, these were held in place in the housing by a small built‐in electromagnet until the magnet was switched off by a smoke detector. Only after this did the arm fold out.

The magnet used for this purpose used to be manufactured by WaCo in large quantities, as it was also used by Dorma for door closers. This is no longer the case and manufacturing these special magnets in such small quantities as the SR 2000 E is sold in recent years is no longer cost‐effective.

Therefore we have to stop the production of the door sequence selector SR 2000 E with electromagnetic hold‐open.

This affects the following article numbers:

500431 SR 2000 EL door sequence selector, length 1050 mm (with electromagnetic locking device), LE 02003
500436 SR 2000 EK door sequence selector, length 650 mm (with electromagnetic locking device), LE 02002
The SR 2000 is still available without the electromagnetic hold‐open: Art. nos. 500430 and 500435.

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Discontinuation of door sequence selector SR 2000 E

New content on the website

New content on the website

New content on the website

New video Door Damper V 1600

New content on the website – New Door Closing Solutions Videos

At the beginning of the year, we began updating some of our product videos.

Now we have also updated the layout as well as the content of the rest of our product videos: new look, new video clips and new voice over recordings.

Here are the new videos: Door dampers V 1600, R 1400 and Z 1100, gate closer DIREKT, back checks and swing door hinges 4000 & 4500 and 41 & 42.

We have already published the videos in German, English and for the first time ever in Spanish. Soon the French videos, the Dutch videos and the rest of the Spanish videos will be posted as well.

You will be able to find them on our website on the page of the

New content on the website

New video Gate Closer DIREKT

respective product and on YouTube in the upcoming weeks.

New Product Brochures

You already know our product brochures. We already have brochures for door & gate operators, hold-open systems, back checks and a company brochure.

Now we have released a new brochure for our Door Dampers. It contains all key information at a glance: the most important features and an overview of the models, areas of application, function, etc.

Where can I find the brochures on the website?

New content on the website

New Product Brochures Door Dampers

You can find it either under Downloads > Brochures or on the door damper product pages.

Have a look at the new door damper brochure here!

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New Door Closing Solutions Catalogue

New Door Closing Solutions Catalogue

New Door Closing Solutions Catalogue is now released!

We have summarized all new features and important specifications of the new catalogue in a short video presentation:

New Door Closing Solutions Catalogue

Our New Catalogue

=> Watch the video here:

=> See the new catalogue as digital PDF

New catalog as digital PDF

The new catalog will no longer be printed in a print shop. In order to get acceptable prices from the printers, we have to order very large quantities. This means that we would quickly have a lot of outdated printed catalogs in stock, which would have to be thrown away at some point.

That's why we have decided to provide only digital PDFs as standard. The customer has the advantage that these are always up to date and, at the same time, we also contribute to protecting the environment by avoiding unnecessary paper waste.

The new PDF files of the catalog are uploaded in print quality, so that anyone can print out the pages they need themselves, if necessary. In addition, we are currently working on a printing solution in Neusäß so that we can still print catalogs in the correct format upon request.

Furthermore, we have already created some product brochures and are in the process of creating more. These are easier and more inexpensive to print and can be offered to customers in printed form.

You can contact us here for any help

The LD radial damper gets even better

The LD radial damper gets even better

The LD radial damper gets even better with small improvements

LD radial dampers have been used thousands of times without a problem. As a result, occasionally certain points come to light. Vi can now do minor changes to improve the quality even more, as well as to avoid errors in the assembly, or adjustment of the damping force.

Mechanical stop for the adjustment screw in the housing in the Open direction (minimum damping) - since September 2020.

This makes it much more difficult to excessively tighten the screw and thus damage the adjustment screw.
This change was triggered by the fact that some installers handled the regulating screw with excessive torque. Until now, the screw was much harder to turn until it nearly completely reached the open position.

If the screw was then forcibly tightened further, the regulation got damaged and it was no longer possible to repair the damper. In most cases, the stop prevents the screw from being over-tightened, unless it is done absolutely carelessly. The reduction of the adaptability in the range of minimal damping caused by the stop has virtually no effect in practicality.

Reinforcement of the sealing rings

Since some manufacturing tolerances can occur even with plastic injection molding. We now we use stronger sealing rings for sealing the housing halves. That compensate rare tolerance peaks better.

Improvement temperature compensation

The purpose of the integrated temperature compensate in the damper is to balance out the difference in volume of the oil at high or low temperatures. Previously, a PUR foam was used for this compensation.  Under unfavorable conditions it could happen that the cellular foam would not completely return to its original shape when cooled down. That resulted in a reduced damping performance.
From now we deliver all LD with a sponge rubber or silicone foam. Both materials are not affected by prolonged deformation and always return completely to their original shape.
This temperature compensation is important for the radial dampers because the silicone oil used here is very viscous at room temperature. The thicker the silicone oil, the greater the effect of a temperature change on the volume.

The LD lamellar damper gets even better

New laser marking on the LD house

Lasering instead of label

Another improvement was also implemented last year. Instead of using labels with the batch number and adjustment instructions we now have lasered that on the housing.



New series of measurements and additional torque tests

Due to the new volume compensation and the modified seal, extensive test series have been carried out again. Additionally, a new testing device was built to measure the torque directly at the axis of the radial damper, see photo on the right.

The LD lamellar damper gets even better

The new testing device LD


Upper range: the maximum damping force in the new diagrams is lower than the value given in the previous catalogue pages. This is due to the fact that this time we have carried out a whole series of measurements and represent the resulting average value in the diagram.

The measurements on which the first diagrams were based depicted the maximum values that could actually be achieved.

Lower range: due to the mechanical stop
of the regulating screw in the OPEN direction, the damping force in the lower range can no longer be set quite as low as before.

The new diagrams can be found in current catalogue documents here.

Neither of these "restrictions" pose any problems in practice. However, with the new diagrams, we additionally prevent customers from using the LD in borderline ranges, which could lead to problems under continuous load.

In the updated catalogue pages, we also point out that the values on which the diagrams are based were determined in a standardized test environment.

> Should you have any questions, please contact us.

DIREKT Gate Closer

DIREKT Gate Closer

DIREKT Gate Closer

DIREKT gate closer

Gate closer DIREKT ascending hinges

For ascending hinges - Optimal function mostly at 100 N

The DIREKT door closer is also repeatedly used on doors with ascending hinges. See our reference

Up to now, our documentation had mainly focused on part numbers for the models with 400 N.

However, there were often customers who, after purchasing and installing a DIREKT for ascending hinges with 400 N, complained that the doors were then very difficult to open.

Therefore, from now on, we will remove the versions with 400 N from our documentation and replace them with the DIREKT for ascending hinges with a force of 100 N.

You can easily clarify with the customer whether the DIREKT with 100 N is sufficient for the particular door with rising hinges: if the door closes by itself without a door closer, then the DIREKT with 100 N is the right solution. For other cases, you should consult with our technical department.

Gate closer DIREKT for doors with ascending hinges – Part no.:

DIREKT 150 for ascending hinges, 100 N, without fixing accessories:
392333-2 grey
392339-2 anthracite
392338-2 white
392431-2 stainless steel AISI 304
392490   stainless steel AISI 316L

DIREKT 150 for ascending hinges, 100 N, incl. fixing accessories
392323-2 grey
392329-2 anthracite
392328-2 white
392421-2 stainless steelAISI 304

DIREKT 200 for ascending hinges, 100 N, without fixing accessories
392383-2 grey
392384-2 anthracite
392385-2 white
392469-2 stainless steel AISI 304
392493   stainless steel AISI 316L

New sorting of article numbers on the website

For a better overview of the article numbers of the DIREKT, we have reorganized the tables on our website. The numbers for the DIREKT for ascending hinges can now be found in an extra tab. You can see the new sorting at the bottom of the product page:

New DIREKT installation video published

New DIREKT installation video published

New DIREKT installation video published from DICTATOR. Thanks to our new possibilities for creating videos there is now a new animated installation video for the gate closer DIREKT.New DIREKT installation video published
This provides our customers with additional assistance in assembling the DIREKT and hopefully some common assembly errors can be avoided.

Purpose of the video

The video is intended to illustrate the various assembly steps for the customer. However - as is also pointed out at the beginning of the video - the video is a supplement to, but not a substitute for, the assembly instructions, i.e. it is important that these are additionally considered.

DIREKT models

The video applies to the DIREKT 150 and 200 without ascending hinges.

Alternative method for compressing the DIREKT

Some customers have had difficulties in the past with compressing the DIRECT as described in the assembly instructions.New DIREKT installation video published
The video now shows an alternative method for this in steps 8.1 - 8.8, which does not require a lot of force.
We will see how we can include this method as an alternative in the assembly instructions in the future. However, it will still take some time to adapt the assembly instructions.

Where to find the video

The video is on the product page of the DIREKT gate closer under the tab “Installation”. Versions of the video in Swedish can be found on our international YouTube Channel:


For general questions about the video, feel free to contact us here

The Floor Spring WAB 180 becomes the WAB 180-2

The Floor Spring WAB 180 becomes the WAB 180-2

The Floor Spring WAB 180 becomes the WAB 180-2. New housing enables numerous improvements!

Since the 1950s, the WAB 180 has been produced with a sand cast housing. At the time, this was certainly the ideal solution.

But it no longer corresponds to the current state of the art.

Moreover, we at DICTATOR Berlin now have a machine park that enables us to manufacture the housing completely ourselves.



The housing of the WAB 180-2 is now made of aluminium (EN-AW Al 5083)

This is accompanied by some significant improvements:

– The new housings have a consistent manufacturing quality with very low tolerances, as they are produced entirely on our CNC milling machine. There is also no longer any risk of blow holes.

– Sealing between the two halves of the housing was difficult with the previous sand cast housings because the groove for the sealing cord was not always evenly worked out. With the new housing, the seal seat is always the same. Therefore, it is possible to work with a sealing ring. With the sealing cord, minimal gaps could occur where the two ends met if the gluing point was not done correctly. This gluing point is now omitted and thus a permanently secure sealing of the housing is achieved.


– A two-stage sealing system is now used to seal the axle where it exits the housing: a shaft seal ring in the housing and an additional axial seal on the shaft. The axial seal protects the actual seal, the shaft seal ring, especially when sharp cleaning agents or similar are used.


Old model…………… New: Lager undercut around the screw head – Plastic plug in the cover plate

– A new, improved seal is used for the oil filler and adjusting screw. In addition, a larger clearance has been created around the screw heads so that any dirt can be easily removed before opening the screws. Furthermore, the hole in the cover plate above the adjusting screw is additionally closed by a plastic plug to protect the screw from dirt.


– Much easier installation of the floor spring in the embedding box

Previously, two brackets were welded to the top of the embedding box, to which the floor spring was screwed.

In the new embedding box, there are two weld-on bolts on the bottom of the box to which the WAB is screwed. So, that it is no longer necessary to pay attention to the two brackets when inserting the closer into the embedding box. This also automatically positions the floor spring correctly in the box.

– The casing is marked with the DICTATOR logo, so that the manufacturer is always obvious at first glance, even without a label.

– All WAB 180-2 are now generally supplied with the axle bearing for up to 600 kg. This has primarily to do with a simplification of stock-keeping.

What does the changeover mean for you and for the customer?

The change to the new version is not without a small “but”. For technical reasons, the dimensions of the WAB 180-2 differ slightly from those of the previous WAB 180. The outer dimensions are identical, but the position of the axle is slightly offset, so that WAB 180 already installed can no longer be simply exchanged without also removing the embedding box. The WAB 180-2 is also 1.5 mm higher than the WAB 180.

Even if our floor springs WAB 180 have a very long service life, they still have to be replaced at some point. In order not to make the replacement unnecessarily complicated, we offer a slightly modified housing for these cases, which can be installed in the old existing embedding boxes.

Why don’t we use this housing in general then? The production of the “replacement housing” is considerably more expensive, as some additional milling steps are needed. This would unnecessarily increase the price of all closers. Therefore, we have decided on this solution with an additional exchange variant.



Embedding box: As already written, the embedding box of the WAB 180-2 differs from the one of the WAB 180.

Cover plates: The cover plates also differ from the previous cover plates with regard to the mounting holes and the recess for the axle. They are also supplied for the new WAB 180-2 with a “-2” after the article number.

Note on the WAB 180-2A for replacing the old WAB 180: The old cover plates will continue to be supplied for it. In the future, we will only supply the cover plates in stainless steel or brass, as the aluminium version was almost never sold.

Fittings: all levers and hinges can be used for both the old and the new version


– Some WAB 180-2 DIN left have already been delivered, as there were no more housings available for them.
– For all new orders, the new version will be delivered with immediate effect.

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