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Numbers & Facts:

  • Headquarters: Neusäß, near Augsburg, Germany
  • Product categories: Lift equipment, door closing solutions, interlock control systems, door and gate operators, fire door operators, fire door control solutions, hydraulic dampers, gas springs
  • Foundation: 1932
  • Family-owned since 1971
  • Representations in 22 countries
  • Co-workers: more than 180
  • Production sites in Germany, Netherlands, Spain & England


We are often asked how we came up with the admittedly somewhat unusual name DICTATOR. To answer this question we need a brief look into our > Company history:

In 1930 a German and a Dutch invented the “Hydraulischen Stoßdämpfer und Schließer für Türen“ ,hydraulic damper and door closer. On January 15th, 1932, a patent for this product was granted under the number 578533.

This special kind of door closer dampens the door when it is slammed shut and quietly closes it and keeps it closed. Its inventors named this product “dictator”, because it dictates the door to close silently but safely.

Because today’s DICTATOR Group has had international roots from the very beginning, the two inventors chose to spell the word with a “c” instead of with the “k” from the German spelling.

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Quality Standards:

The door check patented in 1932 is – just as before – a very important door closing solution. It has kept up with the time, has got several new models and is up to date with the latest technical.

This is one of DICTATOR’s main characteristics: we implement the latest technologies everywhere, from development and production to sales and distribution, in order to make our processes as efficient as possible.

Our productions facilities are located in Western Europe, which ensures the highest quality standards as well as the perfect manufacturing of the highly-competitive DICTATOR products.

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