Back Checks who save the door

Back checks who save the door if, for example, the wind catches the large heavy glass door, it can become a dangerous object for anyone who passes. The door brake prevents too fast opening of the door and eliminates the risk of cuts on both material and man.

The door brake protects the door, fittings and façade and can prevent personal injury!

DICTATORS door brake is hydraulic to the ones who work with friction and who are always too tight or too easily tightened. A hydraulic door brake does not feel when you open the door normally, but it only brakes when the door moves quickly.
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Door brake TB with brackets

Customer service:

To ensure that you get the best solution for your particular door including fittings and fixing points, please fill out our questionnaire to the right in PDF-format. Please attach pictures of the out and inside of the door via e-mail. If it's difficult, we'll be happy to help.

Models and accessories:

  • There are two standard types of door brakes: Type TB with predetermined damping force and TBR with adjustable damping force, mainly for public environments.
  • For each type there is a range of standard models for different door sizes and weights.
  • A mechanical stop is selected in the open position. A so-called "airing stop"
  • We also know special versions with longer strokes and greater forces.


DICTATOR has a wide range of mounting fittings for almost all applications. Also fittings where a standard door closer is already fitted. Here you will find examples of assembly suggestions: >>> See different mounting positions.


Our questionnaire Back Checks

Installion accessories Back Checks

Dampens doors when opening speed is too high

Control opening of hinged doors

Damping opening speed

Reduce the opening angel

Prevent damages to the door and hinges

Prevent accidents on people

Door brake series TB

Door brake TB has a fixed damping force force. Mechanical airing stop can be optional.

Door brake series TBR

With adjustable damping force, mainly for public environments.

Installation accessories for Door brake

Mounting Kit and Installation Accessories.


Which model and mounting position suit your door the most? We’ll gladly assist you! >>>Contact us for service and advice!