Door brake that saves the door

Door brake that saves the door if, for example, the wind catches the large heavy glass door which can then become a dangerous object for anyone passing by.

Not only a danger to people, but also to the door itself, the hinges and the facade. The door brake prevents the door from opening too quickly and limits the opening angle.

In the open position, there is an optional ventilation stop for smooth entry and exit or when loading and unloading goods.

Hydraulic door brake that saves the door:

Protects both the fittings and the facade and can prevent personal injury!

DICTATOR'S door brake is hydraulic, unlike the simpler models that work with friction and are always too tight or too lightly tightened. A hydraulic door brake is not felt when opening the door normally, but only brakes when the door moves quickly.

Door Brake TB white with brackets

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Customer service:

To ensure that you get the best solution for your particular door including fittings and attachment points, please fill out our questionnaire in PDF format on the right.

Please attach pictures of the outside and inside of the door via e-mail. If it is difficult, we are happy to help.


It is available in two standard series. One with preset damping force TB and one with adjustable damping force TBR.

For each series, several models are available for different door sizes.

Most door brakes are available with an integrated mechanical stop in the open position "ventilation stop" as an option.

We also have special versions with longer strokes and greater forces.


Standard color is RAL 9006 Al-gray matte

Selectable colors:

RAL 7040 Grey, RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, RAL 9005 Black, RAL 9007 Al Grey, RAL 9016 White Other RAL colors are available on request


DICTATOR has a wide range of mounting hardware for almost any application. Also fittings where a regular door closer is already fitted. Here you will find examples of installation proposals:

> See different mounting positions

Advantages of a hydraulic door brake:

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Dörrbroms som räddar dörren

Dampens doors when opening speed is too high

Prevent accidents on people

Damping opening speed

Reduce the opening angel

Prevent damages to the door and hinges

Door brake series TB

Door brake TB has a fixed damping force force. Mechanical airing stop can be optional.

Door brake series TBR

With adjustable damping force, mainly for public environments.

Installation accessories for Door brake

Mounting Kit and Installation Accessories.

Door Brake on a big entrence door

Inner door with brake Knivsta Centrum

Door Brake with a door closer

Dörrbroms som räddar dörren

Door Brake mounted on outside door