Door holders

DICTATOR's door holders are distinguished mainly by their robust construction and attractive design. Door holders are adapted to hold the door in any position and can be locked the door or release it with a slight pressure of the foot.

We have selected the materials based on a stainless steel and maintenance-free function to achieve a high quality and long service life.

Door holder series ZE is available with several different impact countries up to as much as 200 mm.

Perfect for patio doors:

Perfect for patio doors where usually the distance to the patio surface itself can be large.

The ZE series housing is made in one piece in aluminium and the other parts are made of stainless steel, space and rubber which makes the door holder stainless steel which is a prerequisite for clearing exterior doors and patio doors for a long time. By pushing the rubber foot down against the surface, the door stops also handle polished surfaces.

If the door is always to be open in the same position and you want to avoid fixing or releasing the door holder at regular intervals, we recommend our door stop with buffer which can often be a better solution than the flexible door holder.

Door holders series ZE:

  • Standard: Robust version with stroke from 25 mm up to 105 mm.
  • Design Line: Very compact design even for strokes from 80 mm to 200 mm, where the piston rod is not visible when it is disabled.

Door stop with buffer:

  • Discreet design
  • Adjustable holding force
  • Due to its flat design, it does not constitute an obstacle to
  • Thanks to the aluminium housing, the door holder can also be installed outdoors
  • The flat plate is attached to the floor where the door should be kept open
  • The rubber buffer on the plate slows down the door and protects it and its hinges


  • Stops the door gently when opening
  • Prevents the door from opening outside the desired angle
  • Keeps the door open in the desired position

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Door holders

Door Holder ZE Design Line

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Door holder ZE

Standard & Design Line
Keeps the door open in any position.

Door stop and buffer

Keeps the door open in a predetermined position.