Floor spring WAB 180

Floor spring WAB 180 for heavy doors up to 600 kg

Door closer WAB 180 for closing of really heavy steel or wooden doors is available in five different models, size II – V for doors from 100 kg up to 500 kg and size VI for doors up to 600 kg. WAB 180 is usually cast into the floor to obtain a fixed anchorage. Indicate the dimensions and approximate weight of the door and the opening direction according to DIN, when ordering.

Door closer WAB 180 is often used for large heavy entrance doors that are often used in public buildings such as churches, theatres, hotels, showrooms, etc.

WAB 180 is available with three different materials in the cover plate, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

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  • For decades, the WAB 180 floor spring has consistently proven to be a highly reliable solution, especially for heavy-duty entrance doors, such as the WAB 180.
  • Special shaft bearings in the oil chamber allow use for very heavy doors up to 600 kg
  • High load capacity and long service life
  • The closing speed can be adjusted continuously
  • A safety valve prevents vital parts of the floor spring from breaking, even when the door is forced to close
  • All floor springs come with an embedding box
  • Various cover plates, hinges and strips, either for steel or wooden doors available as accessories
  • Also available as floor support only for heavy doors where closing function is not required

WAB 180 with coverplate in brass