Spring door closer - the simple solution

Spring door closer - the simple solution! Of course they closes the door with help of spring force. Some models are designed for surface-mounting and other models for a hidden assembly, inside the door or inside the door frame. Closing springs are the most simple and affordable form of door closer. When you open the door, the integrated spring will be tensioned and closes the door as soon as it is released.

Door closers with spring are often used together with a DICTATOR door damper that ensures that the door does not close too tightly, with a loudly bang. The door damper also ensure that the door really close properly.

We can adapt DICTATOR's spring door closer to meet your special requests and requirements, if necessary.

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Concealed door closer Adjunkt


A door closer with spring and compact design.

Characteristic features:

  • For lightweight interior doors in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and restaurants etc.
  • Available in black, nickel-plated and stainless steel
  • The stainless steel model can be used for outdoor doors or for doors in damp environments such as bathhouses and saunas.
  • Adjustable spring force.
  • The force is transmitted via a plate mounted on the door leaf
  • To increase the closing force, several units can be mounted on the same door blade
  • We manufacture special models for special request.

In connection with the PICCOLO, we recommend one of DICTATOR's door dampers to prevent the door from slamming too hard and to make sure to close the door softly and quietly.

Adjunkt D2a and D4

Adjunkt D2a & D4, the door closer with arm

Characteristic features:

  • Fits almost all doors
  • Adjustable spring force
  • Available with two different strong springs


  • D2a: for light doors
  • D4: for heavier doors
  • Stainless steel models: for outdoor doors or doors in damp environments


  • The spring force is transmitted via the arm running on a small roll mounted on the door leaf.
  • The spring arm can be folded away so that function can be temporarily obstructed to keep the door open

In connection with the spring door closer D2a/Adjunct D4, we recommend one of DICTATOR's door dampers  to prevent the door from slamming too hard and to ensure that the door closes softly and quietly.

Concealed door closer Adjunkt E16 and E22

The invisible spring door closer for wood and steel doors

Characteristic features:

  • Can be installed at any height on the door leaf
  • Adjustable closing force for different types of hinges
  • For both flush and overlapping doors
  • Maintenance is free more or less. Just need some oil on moving parts from time to time
  • Model E 22/2550 available with stainless steel front plate

Models type E:

  • 16/2500: for small wooden doors
  • 22/2550: with rounded stainless steel front plate
  • 22/2550: with rectangular front plate, galvanized

In connection with the spring door closer Adjunct, we recommend one of DICTATOR's door dampers to prevent  the door from slamming too hard and to make sure to close it softly and quietly.