Swing Door Hinges, HAWGOODS

Swing Door Hinges, HAWGOODS from DICTATOR assure a safe and controlled closing of swing doors. They swiftly and reliably return the pendulum door to the closed position, which also considerably reduces irritating noise.

Large variety of applications:

DICTATOR door hinges are used in a large variety of applications. Small swing doors in shop counters or test cabins, large heavy-duty revolving doors, swing doors in trucks or machines.

Different finishes and materials are available for every optical requirement, as well as completely stainless steel executions or affordable models, all of them, of course, with the same quality and life time.

The pendant hinges offer an affordable solution with a long service life and very low need for maintenance.

Following types are available:

  • 4000 & 4500, for doors 19 – 30 mm thick and up to 26 kg
  • 40K & 41K, for doors 35/40 mm thick and up to 50 kg
  • 41 & 42, for heavy doors 40 mm thick and up to 60 kg. For even heavier doors on request.

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Type 41K grey

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HAWGOOD swing door hinges type 41 & 42

Designed for larger swing doors. Door weight up to 60 kg. Door thickness 40 mm and door width of 1000 mm.

HAWGOOD swing door hinges type 40K & 41K

For doors up to 50 kg. Door thickness:  35 mm or 40 mm. Types 40K  and 41K differ in their spring forces. Type 40K-grey, type 41K-black.

HAWGOOD swing door hinges type 4000 & 4500

Door thickness: Type 4000 is designed for 19 – 24 mm thick doors; type 4500 for 25 – 30 mm thick doors. Door weight up to 26 kg.

Samples of applikations: