Door Closers & Accessories for Sliding Doors

Door Closers & Accessories for Sliding Doors. Sliding doors are becoming increasingly important in modern architecture as they offer a space-saving solution. The type of doors differs not only in size and material, but also in the type of tracks used.

DICTATOR sliding door closers are characterized by their high flexibility. Depending on the application, the components can be combined in different ways, taking into account the size of the door, the track, the frequency of operation, etc., in order to find the ideal solution.

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Door Closers and Accessories for Sliding Doors


Sliding Door Closer DICTAMAT 50

The DICTAMAT 50 is a modular, flexible closing system for small and medium sliding doors with a maximum closing force of 100 N and an adjustable closing speed. It can be mounted on the most different rail systems. > More information

Spring Rope Pulley Diameter Series 118

For closing sliding doors – approved for use on smoke and fire protection doors. > More information

Spring Rope Pulley Diameter Series 177

For closing sliding doors – for travels of up to 4 m. > More information

Accessories for Sliding Doors

Release buffer for sliding doors

Pushes sliding doors out of wall pockets. > More information

Mechanical timer

Keeps doors with door closer open for a short period. > More information