Door & Gate Closers for Hinged Doors

Door & Gate Closers for Hinged Doors. DICTATOR door closers feature a very high quality and a long operational life. Thanks to our many models we are possible to solve the most different application problems with our products and we can also easily adapt them to your specific demands.

From garden and access gates, in residential buildings, public institutions and commercial properties with highly frequented doors up to industrial plants. Usually retrofitting is no problem.

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Door and Gate Closers for Hinged Doors

Gate Closer DIREKT

Gate Closer DIREKT

The DIREKT gate closer offers a large range of applications and can easily be retrofitted. Thanks to the constant, continuously adjustable closing speed, passing through persons are not running the risk to be hurt by the door or gate. More information

Tube Door Closer RTS

The RTS tube door closer is usually used for optical or safety reasons. Its installation is concealed and therefore it is nearly invisible. The closing speed is adjustable and depending on the mounting situation it can be opened up to 180°. More information

Closing Springs

Closing springs are the most simple form of a door closer which close doors by means of a spring. Some models are designed for surface mounting, others for a mostly concealed installation in the door. > More information

Floor Spring WAB 180

The WAB 180 floor spring is used for particularly heavy doors. It features a high load capacity and a long operational life and is suitable for doors weighing up to 600 kg. > More information