Centralized Interlock System

DICTATOR's Centralized Interlock system is specially designed for installations with up to 5 doors. It can be extended to 8 doors. The control circuit boards included in the system are not located in the terminals themselves. They are located in the central box of the system.


The centralized interlock system is the ideal solution for small systems where all doors are located close to each other. The system consists of some main components that can be mounted and "programmed" with extremely little effort. Next to the basic functions, many additional features can be added to the system as needed.

Basic set:

In the central interlock system, all control terminals and locking devices on the doors are directly connected to the central control unit. Control terminals located on both sides of the doors do not have their own control function, but are mounted in the central box itself.  Control terminals BTZ only two RJ45 sockets:
Green: strength cable from the central unit.
Yellow: connection cable to other terminals BT3.

The second control terminal is identical to that of the peripheral system. The locking device is also connected directly to the central control unit via a blue-marked cable connected to the central purity of the intended RJ45 jack. The other end of the cable has 4 wires of different colours to connect the locking device.

The power 24V DC is provided by a power supply that is just plugging in the central unit. The power supply is connected to a standard 230 V AC wall socket.  All control cables, including the cable to the locking device, are simple flat cables with RJ45 connectors.

There is no need for an additional power cable for the terminals as in the decentralized system.

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Central Unit RJ

Central Unit RJ

In the centralized interlock system, the central control unit RJ has the most important function. A central unit is required for each system that can control up to 5 doors.

Control terminal BTZ

At least one control terminal BTZ is required to be mounted on each door in the system. BTZ is equipped either with a key lock or with an RFID system for a transponder chip.

Control terminal BT3

The BT3 control terminal is normally extra terminal when the door is to be operated from both sides of the door. The control terminal is connected to the control terminal with a flat cable with RJ45 connectors.

Connecting cables

All cables to the terminals and locking devices are connected using flat cables with RJ45 connectors. The cables with the connectors are clearly marked with different colours to prevent miss connections during installation.