Decentralized Interlock System

DICTATOR's Decentralized Interlock System is the peripheral system that has been designed to control up to 8 doors and additional groups of doors with a maximum of 8 doors in each group. All components within the system are connected with plug-in cables with RJ45 connectors. With the exception of the cable to the power supply that is fixed.


The peripheral interlock system from DICTATOR is the most flexible type of control system on the market. The modular structure offers great opportunities to full fill extraordinary and flexible solutions.

Decentralized Interlock System - Function:

The doors of the interlock system are directly controlled by the control terminal ST3 on the doors. The distribution boxes work as junctions between the control terminals. Depending on the number of doors in the interlock system and their spatial arrangement, 1 to max. 4 doors can be connected to a distribution box. The distribution boxes VK3 are connected by plug able cables, one for the power supply and one as control cable.

Distribution boxes:

The distribution box VK3 is connected to each of its respective doors by a plug able control cable and power cable. Every door needs a control terminal ST3. In case the door shall be controlled from both sides, an operating terminal BT3 has to be mounted on the other side of the door. As the operating terminal BT3 is controlled by the control terminal ST3, it does not need such a technical circuit board.

Door locking device:

The locking device of the door, bar magnet, electric strike etc. is connected directly to the control terminal ST3. All control cables, also the one to the locking element, are simple flat cables with RJ45 connectors.

If necessary, it is possible to lengthen them by a connector to a maximum length of 15 m.

Integration possibility:

The system also offers the possibility to integrate the interlock control system in a facility management system, to realize special functions, to output status information etc.

Decentralized Interlock System - Technical support and advice:

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Decentralized Interlock System

Control Terminal ST3

Control Terminal ST3

ST3 control terminal are the core component of the peripheral interlock control system. Here are determined the relations of this door in reference to the other doors of the interlock system by DIP switches. No other programming need!

Operating terminal BT3

The BT3 operating terminal is normally an additional terminal is required for the other side of the door. This operating terminal BT3 is connected to the control terminal ST3 by a flat cable with RJ45 connector.

Distribution box VK3

The VK3 distribution box is designed for one to a maximum of 4 doors. Both, the control cable and the power cable, are simply clipped via quick connectors to it. In addition it offers space for the relays needed for additional functions.

Connecting cables

All control cables and the connection to the locking devices are flat cables with RJ45 connectors. The cables and the corresponding sockets are clearly marked by colours to prevent any faulty connection during installation.