Gate closer DIREKT
Gate closer DIREKT

Gate Closer DIREKT

Gate closer DIREKT closes doors and gates safely and reliably - as slowly or as quickly as you wish. Continuous damping and safe closing without latching action prevent injuries caused by slamming doors and gates.

It is easy to install - even when retrofitting - and the speed can be easily adjusted using the external adjustments.

Automatically closes doors and gates with adjustable speed!

Customer service:

To ensure that you get the best solution for your particular gate or door including fittings and fixing points, please fill out our questionnaire to the right in PDF-format. Please attach pictures of the out and inside of the door via e-mail. If it's difficult, we'll be happy to help.

Advantages DIREKT:

Qestionnaire Gate Closer DIREKT

Gate closer DIREKT

Especially for outer doors and gates

Gate closer DIREKT

Adjustable damping & closing speed

Simple installation - even when retrofitting

Long service life, even with frequent use

No slamming

No danger of injury

Models and accessories DIREKT:

  • Surface: grey, anthracite or white plastic, stainless steel
  • Size and closing force: we offer models with different stroke lengths and closing forces to suit different door sizes and weights
    • 150 mm stroke: used in most cases
    • 200 mm stroke: for wider gates and difficult hinge-post combinations
    • Special model with an angle joint on both sides for doors with ascending hinges
  • Applicability: versatile standard application on door leaves up to 1500 mm width and 100 kg
  • Installation: many different options thanks to the versatile installation accessories
  • Optional accessories: there is an 'adjustment lock' available to prevent users from changing the closing speed
  • Special solutions: in many cases special solutions are possible

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Areas of application:

It is the perfect solution for outdoor use. The closing speed can adapt easily to temperature fluctuations and individual customer requirements.

It can also be installed on arched doors or doors above which there is no space for an overhead door closer.

A further advantage is that the closing speed can be easily adjusted to the conditions on site. The door always closes safely and reliably, even at slow speeds. We also develop special solutions for a wide range of special requirements.

DIREKT installed at a daycare for children's safety

Used as a closer for an entrance gate

Can also be used as a closer for entry doors

Perfect closer for sports stadiums and clubs

We will be happy to advise you on which model is best suited for your application!

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