Door Interlock Control System Solutions

Door Interlock Control System Solutions from DICTATOR are most often used for clean rooms, laboratories and in hospital environments.

The systems stand out due to their reliability, simple handling and for their customer-friendly design. No complicated programming is needed.

All of the devices are connected by ready-made cables with RJ45 connectors. This makes it very quick and easy to install the system. We also offer the appropriate solution for more complex installations with special requirements!

There are two types of systems. Centralised solution where the doors are closer together. Decentralized system is best suited where there are longer distances between the doors. Also system for EX-environment is available.

If required, our technicians will be happy to assist you in planning your individual installation for an optimal solution.

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Interlock operating terminals between the two operating room doors.

Solution with Interlock system in hospitals

Infections you can get in a hospital are becoming a much more important subject during the latest decades. The Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden-MCL Harlingen, in the north of the Netherlands therefore decided to retrofit the complete operating suite with an interlock system from DICTATOR to ensure that the doors to certain areas only can be opened when other doors are closed. According to the hospital’s operator or the regulations. This action prevents the careless spreading of germs.

The great advantage of the DICTATOR system is that it doesn’t need complicated programming. Simple dip switches make programming very easy.

Clean room area equipped with an Interlock System 

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A Control System for clean room environment

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Interlock System for clean room environment

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