Fire Door Control Solutions

Fire door control solutions often include Hold-open systems that must function reliably when the fire alarm goes off. Hold-open systems are necessary to close the doors in the event of a fire and keep them closed to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading. This type of systems are often triggered by smoke detectors or manually in some cases.

DICTATOR's solutions:

DICTATOR has for many years been a specialist in solving this type of problem in real estate with security solutions for fire in commercial properties such as offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, theatres, shopping malls, etc.

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Replacement of fire door solution in a School for safety of building and people

The Oranien School in Wiesbaden, Germany, have installed new fire doors between the staircase and the respective hallways winch are leading to the classrooms. In order not to hinder the free access to the classrooms during normal school, electromagnets keep them open. In case of an alarm the power supply of the magnets is cut and the doors close.

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An Ex-Proof Hold-Open systems designed by DICTATOR

Installed in the newly built storehouse for chemicals of the University Göttingen

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New storehouse for chemicals of University Göttingen during construction

Protection doors with ex-proof DICTATOR hold-open systems

Power packs placed outside the hazardous areas