Hydraulic Damper Solutions

Hydraulic damper solutions from DICTATOR includes solutions with linear end position dampers and oil dampers and radial dampers. An oil damper has attachment points both ends and dampens in both directions.

End position dampers absorb heavy forces over a short distance and are mainly used in industry.

Radial dampers:

Our radial dampers are available in several different designs. Among other things the model LD 50 that is made of slats. That provide great damping and very good adjustment possibilities. The house is cast in durable plastic material that contributes to a favourable price situation.

We also offer tailor-made solutions to your wishes, both in single design and in large series.

If you have any dampening problems, please feel free to contact us at the link below and we will help you with a free solution.

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Radial damper make sure a sliding gate on sloping site represent no risk

A radial damper make sure that a sliding gate never travel at a dangerous speed, also in the event of the gate drive failing.

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Oil damper lift a heavy machine flap

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Customized dampers in the Adidas Brand Center Building

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Hydraulic damper in industrial applications

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