Door Closing Solutions

Door closing solutions are a specialty of DICTATOR. Below we show a selection of solutions with door closer for all environments, both except and indoors. Our door closer range from simple mechanical solutions with springs up to complex fully automatic products.

The most famous product is undoubtedly our door shutter or Diktator as it is commonly called in artisan language. It dictates the door, it's as simple as that! We also have products to brake doors or to keep them open.

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Door damper R 1400

Door dampers for highly frequented doors

They put an end to slamming doors and make sure that doors close safely and reliably. The original from DICTATOR – since 1932
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Back Chek

Back Check Protects Glass Door, People and the Facade of the Building

The back check provides a controlled opening as soon as the door moves too fast.
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A door damper makes it possible to damp all types of doors, including glass doors at the office.

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> DICTAMAT 50 Sliding Door Closer on hospital doors

DICTAMAT 50 is a unit with spring roller and damper built in and that makes it ideal for closing sliding doors.

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> DICTATOR Door Holders ZE

Stylish solution – Simple to install and keeps the door hold in all positions

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