Door and Gate Operator Solutions

Door and Gate Operator Solutions from DICTATOR. We are specialized in solutions with door closer for doors & gates! Especially for large and heavy sliding doors.

The DICTAMAT MultiMove is a modular door operator for sliding doors and is designed to be able to automate very large and heavy doors.

Our product range also includes door operators for normal hinged doors and for normal sliding doors.

Example of door and gate operator Solutions:

Below we show some example of solutions that we have helped our customers with and here we can really talk about heavy doors to be handled. Our skilled technicians in Germany really had to work hard to find the optimal solution.

We hope that these example of solutions can give you ideas on how our products for ports and doors can be used.

Technical support and advice:

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DICTAMAT MultiMove Door Operator Automates an Heavy Entrance Door

In the car dealership Van Mossel the entrance door to the building both for the passenger car servicing. This big and heavy entrance door had up to now been operated manually. This required a lot of strength from both customer and staff thus opening and closing it up to 200 times a day. In the end it became to much! DICTATOR got the mission to automate the door. Thanks to the smooth-running gearbox in DICTAMAT MultiMove from DICTATOR, the door can still be moved manually, if needed.

Data of the sliding door (single-leaf):
4005 mm wide, 4550 mm high, weight approx. 900 kg
Force required for manually moving the door: 400 N!

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Automation of Sun Protection Sliding Elements

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Automating sliding fire doors in hazardous areas

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Automating sliding fire doors in hazardous areas

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