Door Interlock System Solutions

Door interlock System Solutions are most often used for clean rooms in industry, laboratories and in hospital environments. DICTATOR's interlock systems are distinguished by the fact that they are easy to install and because they do not need any complicated programming. Instead, the functions are easily set via DIP switches in the control unit.

The different devices of the systems are connected via ready-made cables with RJ45 connectors, which makes it very easy and fast to install the systems and make them work.

Solutions with Interlocksystem - The advantages:

The great advantage of DICTATORS systems is that they do not contain a central unit that requires complicated programming! Simple DIP switches in the control units make programming very easy and easy to change if necessary.

These advantages make the systems both cheap to buy, install and start up!

Door Interlock System Solutions - Different systems:

There are systems for a centralized solution where the doors are well gathered, which will be very affordable. A solution with a decentralized system is best suited where there is a longer distance between the doors.

There are also systems that are specially adapted for ex-environment.

Technical support and advice:

We are happy to help design your interlock system according to your wishes and requirements, for an optimal solution. Both technically and not least in economic terms.

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Interlock operating terminals between the two operating room doors.

In the MCL Hospital Harlingen the complete operating suite on the second floor was retrofitted with interlock control systems

Hospital-acquired infections are becoming a highly important subject. The Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden-MCL Harlingen, in the north of the Netherlands therefore retrofitted the complete surgical unit on the second floor with two operating rooms and corresponding changing rooms and preparatory rooms, with a DICTATOR interlock control system.

This ensures that doors to certain areas can only be opened in a certain order and whenever some other doors are closed – defined by the hospital’s operator or the regulations. This prevents the spread of germs.

The great advantage of the DICTATOR system:

It doesn’t require a central with complicated programming. Instead, simple dip switches make programming very easy here.

In this example the customer opted for a peripheral system, because it offers even more flexibility than the central one, requires less wiring and is also more clearly distributed.

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