Gas Spring Solutions

Gas Spring Solutions from DICTATOR. Below we present some typical examples of solutions with our gas springs. Anything that needs help with being lifted up and held in place or opened and closed, are simple tasks for a gas spring. Applications for a  gas spring are almost endless and it is only the imagination that sets the limit of what is possible.

Manufacture gas springs:

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The life span of a gas spring is determined by two things:

The quality of the seal and the surface finish of the piston rod and those factors are also the difference between a cheap and an expensive gas spring.

Gas springs are available in many different designs such as pulling gas spring, gas springs with adjustable speed, lockable gas springs are just a few examples. In order for a  gas spring to have a long service life, it must be mounted with the piston up so that the seals are kept lubricated.

Free calculation of gas springs:

We are happy to help you calculate your gas spring for an optimal solution, both technically and not least economically.

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Access for firebrigade to underground parking

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Customized Gas Springs for a roof terrace

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Gas Spring is used to hold up a conveyor belt gate

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Gas Springs guarantee a smooth opening & closing of a garden box

Gas Spring used to hold up trap door