Perimeter protection - Reliable closing of doors & gates outdoor

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Gate closer DIREKT

Closes outdoor doors & gates safely and reliably—as slowly or quickly as you wish. Also perfect for retrofitting.

Concealed gate closer RTS

Ideal for perimeter protection because it reliably closes access gates again and again—vandal-proof and practically invisible.

Adjustable oil damper ÖDR

Ensures that hinged gates are decelerated and moved at a controlled speed.

Radial dampers

For sliding gates on slopes with an operator: it ensures that the gate always closes at a controlled speed even in the event of operator failure.

Area protection in detail:

Gate closer DIREKT

With the gate closer DIREKT gates that stay open are a thing of the past. The adjustable closing speed and the closing without final impact also reliably prevent injuries caused by slamming door /gates.

Features of the product

  • Closing speed is steples adjustable
  • Can be used as standard on door leaves up to 1500 mm wide and 100 kg (in many cases higher weights/larger dimensions possible)
  • Models with different stroke lengths and closing force for different door sizes / weights and installation conditions
  • Different colors/surfaces/materials: gray, white, anthracite, stainless steel AISI 304 & AISI 316L
  • Many different installation options thanks to a wide variety of fixing accessories

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Application examples:

Safely closed access gates in daycare center thanks to the gate closer DIREKT

Gate system in the courtyard of an apartment building securely closed thanks to concealed door closer RTS


Access gates must always be reliably closed at this daycare center so that children cannot run out into the street. With the DIREKT, the gate closes automatically after each opening, without any risk of injury from a slamming door, because the closing speed can be adjusted precisely to suit the application.

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The hinged gate of the courtyard should always close on its own. But the door closer should not be visible. Because vandalism or even accidental damage to the door closer could prevent it from closing automatically. The RTS built-in door closer now closes the gate automatically – without attracting attention.

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Controlled opening of custom access gate

Entrance sliding gate on a slope – Safety thanks to DICTATOR radial dampers

Suction and high wind loads caused the heavy hinged gate to open practically uncontrollably. Now, two adjustable oil dampers ensure that the gate always opens slowly and is comfortable to operate, even with strong winds.

> To the application example

Sliding driveway gates on slopes are usually equipped with an operator, as they are almost impossible to control by hand. A DICTATOR radial damper works together with the operator and prevents dangerous situations: in the event of failure of the operator: It controls the speed of the gate over the entire travel and ensures secure and slow closing.

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