Solutions with Door Brakes

The door problems at Knivsta Center for Sport & Culture, CIK are now solved! Thanks to DICTATOR's solutions with Back Checks that prevent the heavy entrance doors from opening up too violently.

Problems with doors that can suddenly inflate

The building is a master piece in design and is a so-called passive house that uses the energy inside the building for heating and ventilation. The house has an area of approx. 15,000 m² and is completely built of wood. A building like this has a lot of special needs, including the opening and closing of many large doors. During the construction stage, it became known that there could be problems with large doors that suddenly blew up. This could damage not only the door but also the fittings and façade and even worse, people.

How to solve the problem?

The solution was to find a product that was strong enough to dampen doors up to 200 kg and to put them in the open position. The only reliable product on the market was DICTATOR's door brake. A very robust product that is easy to install and hydraulically slows down the opening speed of the door.


The company Build Well Scandinavia AB, which is the supplier of all windows and doors in the building, contacted DICTATOR in October 2019 and asked for advice on how to solve the problems they had with the doors. It didn't take long for Build Well before they realized that DICTATOR's door brake was the right product to solve the problems.

With 32 pieces of aluminium and wooden doors between 75-200 kg it was really a challenging project as most doors were different with different weights, materials and desired opening angle.

This meant that all doors had to be calculated separately but there was no problem for DICTATOR to solve!

Knivsta Centre for Sport and Culture, CIK

Door brake mounted together with a door closer

Door brake mounted on an Al-door