R 1400 Door Check finns nu också med 35N fjäder

R 1400 Door Check Now Also Available With a 35 N Spring

Due to energy efficiency and safety doors become heavier, feature additional sealings and therefore it becomes more difficult to close them.

The VS 2000 door check has already been available with a 35 N spring since the middle of 2017. This version has by now established itself firmly in our product range. In the beginning the series of 100 pieces seemed to be a very large number for special applications. But by now they are long sold and of the second series already more than half has been sold.
This shows we found a good solution for the mounting on the hinge side.
However, in some countries the front doors open to the outside and then the door check is normally mounted on the non swing side.
As the R 1400 is always mounted on the closing edge, often the problem arises that a 20 N cylinder is too weak and one with a 50 N spring is too strong.
To become more flexible also here, we will offer the chromium-plated and satin chromed models of the R 1400 door check also with a 35 N spring. For replacement purposes also 10 cylinders will be in stock. The new version will probably be available from September 2018 on.
Same as with the VS 2000, the price of the 35 N models will be slightly higher than that of the normal ones. The reason is that we will start with the production of smaller quantities.

Available versions

R 1400 door check, 35 N, chromium-plated part no. 300633
R 1400 door check, 35 N, satin chromed part no. 300633X
Cylinder B-H, 35 N, zinc-plated for horizontal mounting part no. 205347