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Dictatorin pääkonttori Neusässissä

We are since 1989 a partly owned subsidiary of DICTATOR Technik GmbH, Neusäss in southern Germany.

Our most well-known product is without a doubt our door damper, “Dictators” invented allready year 1932.

Many of our Swedish corporations are several years’ customers to us, well aware of what the high reliability and customized solutions means in the end. We gladly arrange special solutions according to your preference from one-offs up to large series.

Dictator Teknik Sverige AB has been driven by Per Haraldsson from its inception in 1989 until the last April 2010, with Tranås as home port. As of 1 May 2010 weare called DICTATOR Scandinavia AB and have changed its domicile to Vadstena. In January 2014 we tog over the Danish market from “tek-agent a/s”, Mr. Gorm Knudsen, after more than 25 years.

Profilbild Torbjörn Ljunggren
Torbjörn Ljunggren/Sales

Responsible for operations is Mr. Ahron Sturm-Kimby, MD and partner and collaborator Mr. Torbjörn Ljunggren.

With these changes, the business to be operated from Vadstena with a focus on the Swedish market in the first place and, eventually, also the hole Scandinavian.

With the German parent company in the back, these changes are seen as a revival in the Scandinavian market and that this will be able to offer the entire range of products in this market.

Our goal is that the current level of service and flexibility should be maintained and that we are gradually to be better and hopefully exceed your expectations on DICTATOR Scandinavia AB as your supplier and partner.
Profilbild Ahron Sturm
Ahron Sturm-Kimby, MD/myynti/talous