General Type Approval (formerly ”General Building Inspectorate
Approval”) for the New DICTATOR Hold‐Open System No. Z‐6.500‐2443

Our hold‐open system with the RZ‐24 central and the fire detectors RM/WM 4000 is now officially approved in

After nearly one year of waiting we have finally received the long‐awaited General Type Approval for our new hold‐open system.
The General Type Approval replaces the previously customary Approval by the
Building Authorities. The change of term is due to European rules.
In addition to the DICTATOR fire detectors and holdopen devices, the type approval also includes for fire detectors and hold‐open devices many products of other manufacturers (e.g. Hekatron, Esser, Detectomat, Geze, Siemens, Minimax, Kendrion, Assa Abloy etc.). This extends the range of application of our hold‐open system, makes it even more flexible.
In the type approval you will find the regulations regarding installation, approval and maintenance of hold‐open systems valid for Germany. During this year’s representatives‘ meeting many of you already had the opportunity to get to know the relevant regulations at European level (nearly the same as the German regulations) on the construction of a hold‐open system and to carry out the wiring of a complete system, including the approval.
In Germany we offer seminars about hold‐open systems in our facilities as well as directly at the
customer’s. We had already suggested at the meeting that you offer seminars also in your countries
for your customers to make them more familiar with the subject of hold‐open systems. If you need
help for this, please contact Karen Stech, Stephan Lang or Matthias Kassak.
You can download the complete type approval from the DICTATOR website:‐rz‐24/

IMPORTANT: We should add more applications of hold‐open systems to our DICTATOR website. Up to now there are only 3 applications with our former hold‐open system. Please support us with photo material and short reports if you have suitable objects!!!