Ny kapsling för utvändig montering av grindstängare RTS-e

Grindstängare RTS-e
Grindstängare RTS-e

Casing for Surface Installation of the RTS – e

This casing has been developed to allow the installation of the door closer RTS-e, part number 400529, also
on doors with flush hinges or without tube frame profile.
The part number of this casing is 400594.
As we produce only small quantities up to now, the price is quite high.
On the other side, with this product we can solve even more special problems. An individual solution made by
a locksmith would be much more expensive and probably would not guarantee the correct functioning of the
For this RTS-e casing we added one page to our catalogue (see attachment).

Installation RTS
Grindstängare RTS-e
Grindstängare RTS-e