Nu går det enklare att montera Dörrbroms på dörr med dörrstängare

Fixing Accessories for Back Checks When Combined with
Overhead Door Closers


The range becomes more tightened and simpler

When mounting a back check together with an overhead door
closer, usually you need special fixing accessories, because the
back check normally is fitted beneath the arm of the overhead
door closer.
Up to now we offered for the fixing to the door frame of the
back checks with an eyelet diameter of 8 mm the bracket
205275. Now we have completely sold our stock and this
bracket will no longer be produced, because…..



The replacement bracket is more flexible and more economic

The replacement for the mounting bracket 205275 is the bracket
205489 which we offer anyway and which can be used for many
different types of mounting. When being combined with the pin

205514 its length is absolutely identical with the one of the
Besides the big advantage of both parts being standard
components, there are two more plus factors:
– Both the fixing bracket 205489 and the pin 205514 are
available in AISI 304 and AISI 316.
– The fixing bracket with pin costs about 20 % less than the
fixing bracket 205275.