The New DICTAMAT MultiMove

Press Release 04/2014 DICTAMAT MultiMove MuliMove The Machinery Directive Compliant Drive Concept for Door, Gate, Window … The new MultiMove drive concept of DICTATOR is not only ingeniously simple but also simply ingenious. Heart of the modular system is the totally new developed, absolutely smooth‐running universal gearbox. Different driving wheels as well as other modules like encoder, damping and hold‐open components allow adapting it to any imaginable application. The newly developed control system is as adaptable as the door operators themselves. The advantages of the system are completed by its top user‐friendliness and the integrated self‐learning function for an easy installation and placing into operation. DICTAMAT MultiMove – its advantages at a glance Newly developed, modular gearbox with different transmission ratios allows using less strong motors with the same performance – thus saving energy. Various transmissions possible, always with the same design. Different DC as well as AC motor models can be connected. ‐ Complies with the high demands of the Machinery Directive and the connected standards for the “machine door”. MultiMoveIIWithout current the newly developed gearbox features extremely smoothrunning qualities, no need for an expensive electromagnetic clutch or manual uncoupling. The very short stopping distances are guaranteed also in case of a power cut thanks to the in this scope of application novel capacitor. ‐ Integrated recognition of obstacles with power interruption, also with AC motors, for higher safety. – Exactitude of positioning very high (1 mm!) ‐ Extremely high flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements thanks to completely modular structure. Control functions can also subsequently be adapted and be changed on site – without having to replace the controller. ‐ Very user‐friendly. Facilitates the installer the laborious adjusting works demanded by the standards, thus reducing the costs for installation and placing into operation. ‐ One drive and control concept for sliding and rotatory movements, opening and closing by motor, fire protection model with mechanical closing according to the German directives, type with emergency power supply etc. Not changed has the free of charge DICTATOR advisory service. For every application a complete solution is elaborated, if needed with CAD drawings. Technical support is granted also during installation and placing into operation.