Gas Springs for every need

Gas springs for every need from DICTATOR is the synonym for top-quality and high-performance. Our flexible and highly efficient manufacturing process enable us to produce our products to the highest quality standards. Especially adapted to the customer’s requirements, even for small quantities or individual items.

All units are computer tested before delivery. This ensures both high operational reliability and a long service life.

Gas springs in stainless steel:

DICTATOR have a range of stainless steel gas spring in qualities AISI 304 and AISI 316L.

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Storage Gas Springs from our on production in Berlin:

Sometimes it is urgent and to make it easier for the customer we have a limited range in stock that we can normally deliver immediately from our factory in Berlin. The springs are equipped with a back vent valve which makes it possible to refill or tap as much gas as the customer needs or which is technically possible for each size.

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Our service makes the difference:

Many years of experience have shown that a product is only as good as the corresponding technical support. Only accurately calculated forces and fixing points guarantee optimal functionality and long service life.

Technical service and calculation:

We will support you from the planning stage, through the selection of the right product, to professional installation.

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Technical service & calculation

Push Type

This type are used in many different applications. They can be used to balance the weight of flaps, hatches, windows, machine guards or any moving part which requires a counterbalance to operate or control.

Floating Piston Gas Springs

This type have been designed for applications which require slow and controlled operating speed. Particularly useful for applications involving sensitive equipment.

Pull Type

This type are useful for applications where it is not possible to use a normal push type e.g. due to lack of space or difficulty in arranging suitable mounting points.

Locking Gas Springs

Locking function type provide the normal function together with the ability to be locked at any position. Typical applications include height adjustable seating, backrests, workstations. Locking can be specified as either rigid or cushioned.

Variable Speed Gas Spring

Variable speed type combine the normal function with a hydraulic damper. They are ideal for applications which require the extending speed to be adjustable.

End Fittings & Brackets

Ensuring the optimum fit and function of every spring requires not only the calculation of force and mounting position but also careful selection of the most appropriate accessories.

A gas spring keeps the floor flap open

Perfect function of a gas spring?

Gas spring vacuum veneer press

Variable speed gas spring opens folding doors