Home lifts & Lift Equipment

Home Lifts & lift equipment. For decades the name DICTATOR has been a synonym for lift accessories, especially for the DICTATOR Standard lift door dampers.

The complete DICTATOR lift equipment range of products not only comprises door dampers and door closer.  Its also inclose other lift accessories for hinged and sliding lift doors.

Home lifts:

DICTATOR also offers complete lifts such as the Home Lift DHM 500 and the DHE.

Lift shaft systems:

Last but not least, there are available lift shaft systems to be mounted together with lifts provided by the customer.

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Homelift DHE 500

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Homelift DHM 500 according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU, lift DHE according to lift Directive 2014/33/EU with reduced measures for pit and headroom and the universal, modular, completely screw-able and certified lift shaft system from steel.

Standard Lift Door Dampers

The DICTATOR Standard lift door dampers are characterized by their extremely high quality, their long life – and the large number of different models.

Closing Springs

The DICTATOR closing springs are the ideal complement for the DICTATOR lift door dampers. They assure the reliable closing of hinged lift doors.

ATS Tube Door Closer

The ATS tube door closer are installed inside the lift door. There are different executions depending on the type of hinges of the door and the position of installation.

Lift Door Closer

DICTATOR furnishes different lift door closer with arm for the reliable and safe closing of hinged lift doors of different makes.

Landing Door Damper

The landing door damper EDSTD3 is used in hinged doors of Thyssen, Stahl and Otis.

Sliding Door Dampers

DICTATOR furnishes hydraulic dampers for sliding lift doors, in order to slow them down before the final position.

Spring Rope Pulleys

In case of landing doors driven by the car door, the EN 81-1/2 prescribes that it has to be made sure the landing doors close on their own. Here the DICTATOR spring rope pulleys represent the ideal solution.

Other Lift Accessories

Other DICTATOR Lift Accessories are plastic rollers for sliding doors, magnetic switches.