Door Closer

Door dampers, door closers for hinged and sliding doors, door brakes, swing door hinges and other accessories for hinged and sliding doors

Gate closers

Gate closer DIREKT, tube door closer RTS, garden gate closer GGC

Door Control Systems

Simple Installation, Adaptable Systems for Clean Rooms and Laboratories

Gas Springs

Rapid delivery, bespoke manufacture, high quality, huge range

Door and Gate Operators

Door and gate operators for hinged and sliding doors and gates

Fire Door Operators

For decades, preventive fire protection has been one of DICTATOR’s core areas of expertise.

Fire Door Control Solutions

Hold-open systems keep doors open during normal operation and, at the same time, ensure that they close automatically in case of a fire.

Hydraulic Dampers

Linear and rotary, control speed, prevent damage, avoid injury

Lift Equipment

For decades the name DICTATOR has been a synonym for lift accessories, especially the DICTATOR Standard lift door dampers.