DICTATOR Storage Gas Springs

DICTATOR Storage Gas Springs are available for most needs. Normally each gas spring is manufactured according to the customer's wishes. There are no actual standard of stroke and force for gas springs.

Sometimes it is urgent and to make it easier for the customer we have a limited range of sweltering gas springs in stock. We can normally deliver them immediately from our factory in Berlin.

A limited range of the most common fixed strokes are available. The gas springs are equipped with a back vent valve which makes it possible to refill or tap out as much gas as the customer needs or which is technically possible for each size.

There is also a limited range of stainless steel gas springs in stock that we can deliver in a similar way.

End fittings & mounting brackets:

Different types of end position fittings and mounting brackets can be selected together with she gas spring.

If you are in a hurry, we can arrange express delivery overnight for a certain supplement!

Our service makes the difference:

Many years of experience with gas springs have shown that a product is only as good as the corresponding technical support, because only accurately calculated forces and fixing points guarantee optimal functionality and long service life.

At DICTATOR we have always placed great importance on providing personalized customer service. Thanks to our own calculation program and the extensive experience of our technical staff, we can provide the perfect solution for a very wide range of requirements.

We are at your service as a personal partner and we will support you from the planning stage, through the selection of the right product, to professional installation.

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Range of Storage Gas Springs:

> Storage Gas Spring: Size D-06-15

Piston rod ¤ 6 mm with Cylinder ¤ 15 mm

> Storage Gas Spring: Size D-08-19

Piston rod ¤ 8 mm with Cylinder ¤ 19 mm

> Storage Gas Spring: Size D-10-23

Piston rod ¤ 10 mm with Cylinder ¤ 23 mm

> Storage Gas Spring: Size D-14-28

Piston rod ¤ 14 mm & Cylinder ¤ 28 mm